Friday, February 22, 2008

This week's Bravo recap

Project Runway
This week there were no designs shown. Instead, all of the eliminated designers rejoined the remaining designers to talk about their experiences on the show. It was pretty entertaining, especially the video collages they did of Chris March's laughing and Christian's over-use of the word 'fierce'.

I used to not like Heidi Klum. That silly accent, and the fact that she just seemed plastic. But this season it appears the editors of the show have kept some of her real personality in the show, so now I like her.

Make Me a Supermodel
I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Stephanie was sent home and NOT gorgeous gayboy Ronnie (pictured above)! After 2 weeks in a row of being up for the vote (in the bottom 3) Ronnie must have decided to forget about trying to help inexperienced Ben and concentrate on himself. And boy did it pay off! Ronnie was the winner of this week's episode, which prevents him from being in the bottom 3 next week. One of the judges told him "You're unstoppable."

I was hoping Frankie was going to be eliminated instead of Stephanie because I really can't stand him. That ridiculous accent, the way he says the words "man" and "you know" all the time, and that Fabio wannabe hair. But this week the stylists came in to give all the models a touch-up, which usually means trimming off split ends or generally freshening up their haircuts. But one of the judges told Frankie he had to cut off that Fabio hair, which made Frankie think they were kidding. But they weren't, so he eventually agreed. I hate, hate, HATE to say it, but the haircut looks fantastic on him. It really changes his look for the better.

This week Perry (aka: Mr. Confident) did not do well at all. He received a stern talking to by the judges who explained that "there's a fine line between confidence and cockiness, and we think that sometimes you cross that line". Perry ended up in the bottom 3 this week for the 1st time!

The temperature has warmed up a little and it began raining during the night. That means it is a royal slushy mess outside. Normally I wouldn't care, since I commute down the hall to work. Just my luck, this morning I have to go to the hospital next door for some blood work, in preparation for next week's physical. Since its so close I was planning to walk there, but with the rain falling and the slushy mess on the ground I'm now tempted to drive.

Crush du Jour: Eric Bana

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Scot said...

I was having trouble with Heidi's bangs on the last episode. Even I was linking to keep themout of the eyes. Chris and Christian are constant sources of entertainment/annoyance for other contestants aren't they?
Haven't gotten into "Make Me A Supermodel." (but that does remind me of the ovie "Weird Science"...what a great idea.