Friday, February 29, 2008

AI & Bravo update

Well, it was a good week for my (current) 3 favorite TV shows: 'American Idol', 'Project Runway', and 'Make Me a Supermodel'!

American Idol
Last week I accidentally missed the guys, so this week I was really blown away by David Archuleto. Wow, what a voice! And he's cute, too. In my opinion they can just give him the win and send all the rest of the singers home at once, but I guess Fox wouldn't make a bazillion dollars from all the advertisers over the next several weeks now, would it?

There are a lot of really talented singers on the show this year. AI seems to raise the talent bar every year. Anyway, mark my words: David Archuleto is the next idol.

Project Runway
This week was the tie breaker for Rami and Chris. Both of them (and Christian and Jillian) had several months to design 12 looks for Fashion Week, and Rami and Chris were told to select their 3 strongest to show to the judges. The winner would be the 3rd designer to present their entire collection at Fashion Week along with Christian and Jillian.

I was glad to see Rami do something other than draped dresses, although the draping still showed up in different forms. I thought his 3 looks were good, but I thought Chris' were better. Chris' looks had more drama and detail. Michael Kohrs said his clothes were a little too costume-y, while Nina Garcia noted that lots of great fashion designers start out as costume designers.

The at-home audience voted to send Chris to Fashion Week over Rami. But the judges picked Rami over Chris, so Chris was sent home.

Make Me a Supermodel
Perry, Ben, and Jackie were up for the vote and I predicted Jackie would be sent home, and she was. There are now 5 guys and 2 girls remaining.

I was glad to see that Frankie did not do well in the photo shoot or the catwalk assignments, and ended up in the bottom 3! I hope he gets sent home next. Holly was this week's winner, granting her immunity next week. This week in the bottom 3 with Frankie are Ben and Casey.

Oddly, during the photo shoot Ben kept making all kinds of anti-gay "jokes" (read: slurs) towards Ronnie, who's supposed to be Ben's best friend in the house, and Casey, who is straight. It was really surprising, but it makes me think that Ben has just been using Ronnie this whole time. I think Ben feels like if he can distract Ronnie enough then he might possibly be able to win. Ronnie had a talk with Ben about it later in the day and Ben acted as if he had no idea his comments were offensive. He claimed he was "joking" and "didn't mean it like that". I don't buy it, but unfortunately Ronnie did. Hopefully Ronnie is smart enough not to get sidetracked or distracted with Ben and will concentrate on being the best model.

I was glad that the judges all-but-apologized to Ronnie last night for their earlier comments about his being "too pretty" to be a high-fashion runway model. Remember, Ronnie doesn't get to choose the clothing and make-up, so its not his fault if he sometimes appears "too pretty". But last night Ronnie's clothing, minimal make-up and hair styling, and his walk made the judges change their mind. Go Ronnie!

Crush du Jour: Chris Rockaway


Stephen Rader said...

I wish Chris had gone on to Fashion Week. Still, he exited the show with the grace and wit that we've come to know and love about him. He was my favorite.

Java said...

Yeah, whatever, blah blah blah TV shows. Now, on to the important stuff: Who is Chris Rockaway and how do I get him to rock me away? What team does he play for???

Shirley Heezgay! said...

totally agree that david will likely take the show. I'm calling him, the aussie and the irish girl as the top 3.

love your hunk du jour. fully compliant.

java, you can find him at randy blue. he's GFP, but he has bottomed at least once.

Kevin said...

Chris was definitely the stronger designer of the two and I was rather disgusted that Rami got the nod to move on. His designs were dull and unimaginative...Chris on the other hand had the WOW Factor! And whereas the judges pretty much all knocked Rami's design choices, they all praised Chris's, even the clever use of human hair on his outfits. But Chris isn't "pretty" like Rami so...sadly one has to wonder how much a part that plays in all of it.

Michael said...

After I saw the pic of Chris Rockaway, I thought. Wow, that guy is HOT and I like the tile work behind him. Sad but true...

cb said...

Love Chris Rockaway-- and I so rarely like the twinkish, pornstar sex guys... which is what he looks like.

I loved Chris's stuff on the runway... the human hair was an twisty touch, but it flounced elegantly and shimmered.

RAD Homo said...

We totally watch the same shows..I love it...We could have show night if we lived fun would that be? Model is going to be good....