Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yesterday it snowed for a little while mid day but didn't stick to anything. By the time Spouse got home it had stopped.

I decided to go with Spouse to the gym so I could do some cardio etc. while he had his personal trainer appointment. I did 10 minutes on the elyptical machine, 15 minutes on the treadmill, and threw in 3 sets of 10 bicep curls with heavier weight than usual. I'm trying to get some nice, bulky biceps before beachtime. Spouse suggested I quit my job and do nothing but work out between now and beachtime in order to meet that goal. He's a real sweetheart, eh?

By the time we finished with our respective work outs we found the ground and car blanketed in white! It was still snowing on the drive home, so when there were no cars coming toward us (the gym is in the woods) I put the high-beams on, which made it look like a million asteroids were headed straight toward us! It reminded me of when my dad did this when I was a kid. I smiled for a moment, then I thought how sad it is that I can't tell him of this pleasant childhood memory. The streets were wet but not snow-covered and Spouse cautioned me several times about slowing down and driving extra carefully.

This morning everything was clean and white. The sun shined brightly on the snow. I bundled up before taking Jordan for her morning walk because it was really cold. It doesn't appear that we will get above 32 degrees today, so the inch (or less) of snow hasn't melted. I don't mind.

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