Friday, February 15, 2008

Bravo recap

It was an exciting week on Bravo!

On Project Runway Christian won this week's challenge to make a garment (or in his case, 3 garments) inspired by their visit to the Metropolitan Art Museum. I believe Christian will be the eventual winner. While others like Sweet P made a single garment, Christian made pants, a blouse, and a vest, all with incredible detail and craftsmanship.
Sweet P got eliminated this week, partially due to this dress. Her inspiration was a painting of a peacock, but I'm just not seeing it here. This dress looks like something you could buy right off th rack at Nordstrom. I like Sweet P but I definitely felt like it was time for her to go.
Without even telling you, I bet you could figure out who made this Grecian DRAPED dress. That's right, Rami. Rami has a passion for draping. How nice for him! But as everyone except for Rami anticipated, the judges were not happy to see him produce yet another draped dress. I liked the color though.
Jillian made this dress with short jacket which garnered her some praise from the judges. The jacket was extremely intricate and well made. I'm a little surprised no one mentioned that blinding gold lame though, or the fact that the skirt wasn't hemmed.
Chris got a little flack from the judges because his gown below was a bit similar to another gown he designed earlier. There are definitely some similarities, but at least it wasn't his 5th draped dress! I actually liked this gown a lot. The guest judge, Roberto Cavalli, said it was the best garment of them all, but he was over-ruled by the other 3 judges who chose Christian as this week's winner.
From the previews of next week's episode, it looks like everyone's coming back for a big "tell all" show, which seems odd to me since they haven't shown the final episode or named the winner yet. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

My anticipation was quickly relieved on Make Me a Supermodel when Katy, NOT Ronnie, was sent home. I didn't think their photo shoots were very 'fun' this week. I'm disappointed that they keep referring to Ronnie as being a catalog model because he's too good looking. He's got that all-American, boy next door look which they feel only works for catalog modeling, not high fashion runway modeling. But I think its a little unfair since he doesn't get to choose the clothes he models, nor his hair style or make-up. I think he's absolutely the best looking model on the show.

The judges keep talking about how beautiful Shannon is, which surprises me. She may have a fabulous runway walk, but she's not nearly as pretty as Jackie or even Holly. Fortunately, the viewers get to vote on who gets eliminated and who stays in the running. Unfortunately Ronnie is in the bottom 3 again this week. I really want Frankie to get eliminated. I can't stand him! I hate the way he talks and think he looks very 'white trash'.

On a completely unrelated topic, this is going to be a full weekend. The Newlyweds are coming Sat morning and staying through Mon, our buddies Mike & Clark from VA will be in town, AND the "Another Take" mini film festival is going on this weekend. We're going to see a film tonight, the Newlyweds arrive in the morning, we're meeting Mike & Clark for lunch on Sat, meeting the "usual suspects" for dinner Sat night, going to breakfast with Rick & Nick and the Newlyweds on Sun, and seeing another film on Sun afternoon. The rest of Sun and the Mon holiday are open for relaxing.

Crush du Jour: Jason Cameron

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Trinity2 said...

I'm totally in agreeance with you on both Project Runway and Supermodel. Think Christian should win and Ronnie is the best looking guy out there! Can't stand that Frankie guy, either.