Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm bored stiff at my sales training session, and can't wait to go home. I'm convinced the only reason for having it is to satisfy a requirement to have an annual training. Lord help me.

Maybe, just maybe, this will help people finally understand that you can't cure someone of homosexuality. Certainly someone with as much at stake as Haggart must have tried earnestly, but without success.

Ted Haggard Quits New Life 'Restoration Team'
by Cara DeGette, Tue Feb 05, 2008


Technically, it only took three weeks of intensive "restoration" a full year ago to make Ted Haggard a "complete heterosexual." But on Tuesday night, the new pastor of the Colorado Springs megachurch that Haggard founded has announced that Haggard is quitting the team -- and that "the process of restoring Ted Haggard is incomplete."

The latest twist in the Haggard drama comes via a vaguely-worded letter sent Tuesday to friends of New Life Church by its new pastor, Brady Boyd. In the letter, Boyd indicates that Haggard -- the charismatic evangelical leader who was fired by his church in early November 2006 in a shocking gay sex and meth scandal involving male escort Mike Jones -- is moving on.

"New Life Church recognizes the process of restoring Ted Haggard is incomplete and maintains its original stance that he should not return to vocational ministry," according to a statement.

"However, we wish him and his family only success in the future."

After he was fired, Haggard and his family, including his wife and three boys, moved to Phoenix. Haggard agreed at the time to undergo "spiritual restoration" under the auspices of New Life Church. At the time, the church's claim of Haggard's so-termed "restored" sexual orientation status was met with disbelief from many quarters, most notably from the Christian group Soulforce, whose gay and lesbian members reject claims that homosexuality is either something that can be cured, or a sin.

Here is Boyd's Tuesday letter and release:
"Dear New Life Church family and friends,

Today, our church's board of trustees will release a statement regarding the end of the restoration process for Ted Haggard. This process may receive some media attention, and I want you to hear of it from us before you read about it in the newspaper or hear it on the evening news.

Let's continue to pray for Ted, Gayle, and their family.

God bless you,

Brady Boyd Senior Pastor New Life Church Colorado Springs, CO

Ted Haggard's leadership of New Life Church for many years was extraordinary and the depth of spiritual maturity that is found today in the church is in large part attributed to his leadership as the founding senior pastor.

In January 2007, Ted Haggard voluntarily agreed to enter a process of spiritual restoration. He has selected Phoenix First Assembly and Pastor Tommy Barnett as his local church fellowship and is maintaining an accountability relationship there. He has recently requested to end his official relationship with the New Life Church Restoration Team and this has been accepted by them.

New Life Church recognizes the process of restoring Ted Haggard is incomplete and maintains its original stance that he should not return to vocational ministry. However, we wish him and his family only success in the future.

Because spiritual restoration is a necessarily confidential process, the church does not anticipate that it, or its Overseers or Restorers, will make further comment about it.

Note: On Nov. 2, Colorado Confidential - which has been following the Haggard scandal since it broke, published a comprehensive summary of the ongoing saga -- including a brief return by Haggard last fall, who sent out a cash-for-heaven plea for donations.

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Gregory said...

Poor darling. Doesn't he realize that he is already restored. It bothers me so when people choose to "walk in darkness".

Stop hurting your wife, remove the painful stimulus, and do what you said: Move on.

Java said...

Amen, Gregory!
I feel so sorry for the guy. It is such a shame that he doesn't feel free to be the man God made him to be. A man's man! His life in the church and the public eye makes it all so much harder. I hope he gets some psycho/spiritual relief from the bonds of church "law."

RAD Homo said...

poor man--hopefully he answers the clue phone as its ringing loud and clear....

Jason is hot....Your hunks make me happy! Such fine taste you have...I love it!