Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3 films

We saw 3 films this weekend. The 1st 2 were special screenings for "Another Take", a GLBT offering from the Rehoboth Beach Film Society. The 3rd was a Netflix rental.

Four Letter Word
A spin-off of 'Slutty Summer', Luke works in an adult bookstore with gay activist Zeke. Zeke obviously cares about Luke, though he tries to change the conversation when Luke discusses his constant sexual exploits. While visiting a gay bar, Luke meets Stephen with a “ph,” played by Dante’s Cove heartthrob Charlie David. They immediately insult each other but soon meet again. Romance blossoms and Luke actually starts thinking about settling down, but Stephen’s stories begin to conflict with reality.

In working to build a lasting romance, Derek and Peter start the movie as a counterpoint to Luke’s wild nature. Sparks flew when they met in 'Slutty Summer' but now they’ve moved in together, and plates might fly if they can’t resolve the growing frictions in their relationship.

Marilyn is also settling down, receiving a proposal at the beginning of the movie. Her struggle with alcoholism has led her to AA meetings and continues to complicate her life. To make matters even more confusing, her AA sponsor Trisha might want to offer something more than support. The lead characters continue to intersect, along with a well-cast assortment of supporting characters.

The movie’s title comes from Luke’s tendency to hide behind the phrase “…just another four-letter-word for…” It seems to shield him from any word that might carry an emotional impact for him and force him to explore his deeper feelings or longings. Will Luke grow at all, or remain what Stephen calls “a gay clichĂ©”? No matter what happens, the results provide fun and sexy escapism for viewers, while also touching upon some serious issues about gay life, as well as love in general.

I thought this movie was really cute. Its what I would call a "fun, sexy romp". The stories are timely, and there's enough hot, male nudity to keep you interested if/when the stories don't. I'd give it 4 out of 5 starts, and recommend adding it to your Netflix queue once this movie is available.

Kiss the Bride
When Matt receives and invitation to his high school boyfriend Ryan's wedding, he's surprised to find Ryan is marrying a woman. Matt plans to rescue his old flame from making a huge misteak.

However, Ryan's fiancee takes quite a liking to Matt. As Matt tries to rekindle the old flame, Ryan seems intent to stomping out any sparks. Ryan dismisses their old romance as a high school phase, but Matt feels that Ryan is still his one true love. All the while Matt must deal with his 'new best friend' (Ryan's fiancee), both of their families, and the depressing hometown he thought he'd left behind forever.

A funny, sexy, romantic comedy that proves the boundaries of love, sexuality, and identity are never really constant.

I also thought this film was cute. For an independent film with not many screening dates on its website, it has quite a recognizable cast that includes Tori Spelling, James O'Shea, Joanna Cassidy, Tess Harper, Robert Foxworthy, Steve Sandvoss, and Dean McDermott. The sexy leads are played by Philipp Karner and James O'Shea, both of which are very handsome and nicely built. Tori Spelling does a great job as the bride-to-be, surprising me almost as much as she did with her performance in 'Trick'. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars and recommend renting this from Netflix when they carry it, too. Regular Guys

Chris is a macho, luckless police officer involved in a stakeout of a stolen car ring with his partner Mike. One day he returns from work to find that his fiancée is leaving him for a more sensitive, muscle-bound stud. As he walks the streets with his possessions, unsure of where to go, he bends down to pick up a lucky coin on the pavement, and a passing vehicle crushes his luggage. Abandoning his possessions, he drinks as he wanders, and finally stumbles into a gay bar, where he meets Edgar. When Chris passes out in the bar, Edgar comes to his rescue and takes him home.

Chris awakens in the morning and slowly realizes he has been sleeping naked with another man on purple satin sheets. Did they or didn't they? Chris can't recall, and Edgar refuses to tell. When Chris is unable to find another place to live, he reluctantly moves in with Edgar, a mechanic who does work on stolen cars. After Chris is unable to perform sexually with a female colleague, he begins to further question his sexuality. Edgar is falling in love with him. The guys on the force are beginning to whisper. Is he or isn't he?

I also like this film, too, and would give it 4 out of 5 stars. Its in German with English subtitles, which is fine, but I always feel like I might be missing important glances or facial expressions while trying to keep up with the subtitles. But the film had some funny parts along with the dramatic ones, and enough eye candy for most to excuse any missed editing opportunities.

What a pleasure to really enjoy all 3 films!

Crush du Jour: Philipp Karner


Gregory said...

Sounds like you have better luck than I do when it comes to these.

I love Tori Spelling for all her trashiness. Trick was great, but href="http://www.amazon.com/So-NoTORIous-Complete-Tori-Spelling/dp/B000GG4Y1O/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1203534337&sr=8-1"So NoTORIous was just as good...and even more self-indulgent, if that's possible.

Gregory said...

Sorry about that code.
Just go here.


tornwordo said...

The store across the street has a big gay section, I will look for these. Thanks!

RAD Homo said...

Love it..Thanks for the tip-- 4 out of 5 for all 3 films is good....Now On the list! Thx!