Friday, February 01, 2008

This 'n that

I was enjoying watching gorgeous gayboy Ronnie on last night's episode of 'Make Me a Supermodel'. As I said before, I wouldn't even be watching the show if it weren't for him. Last night they had to do nude modeling for art students to sketch them!
So, as usual, Ronnie does very well, the photographers all say he's great, yadda yadda yadda. Then at the end of the show comes the catwalk portion. Ronnie's narrative indicates that he felt really good about his catwalk performance. But then when its time for all the models to return to the runway together for the judges' critiques, Ronnie is nowhere to be found. Each model is given praise or criticism except Ronnie, since he's not there. Those who are safe are allowed to leave the runway and the bottom 3 are told they're up for the vote, meaning 1 of them will go home. Ronnie is not seen at all during this time! Do the producers think we didn't notice? WTF???

I had another allergic reaction this week. Rather than a fat lip again, this time my right eye was swollen, which prevented it from opening all the way. I had that 1/2-lidded look that makes drunks so darn attractive. And to boot, the left side of my jaw was swollen, making it difficult for me to sip my morning joe. Spouse keeps getting concerned over these reactions, since I've been unable to determine the cause. Our latest theory is that its a new reaction to the dog. I've always been allergic to dogs but in the past the symptoms have always been limited to red and itchy eyes. Now I think I'm having new symptoms. The night before I woke up with the reaction I had covered myself with a throw that stays on the TV room sofa. I think the dog may have hopped up on the sofa and throw without our knowledge for a nap while we were away. If so, then that would explain the reaction. I'm going for a physical at the end of the month and will talk to my doctor about these reactions.

I haven't mentioned my work out status in several weeks only because I didn't really have anything new or different to report. I'm still going weekly, and Rick always varies the upper and lower body work out, which I've reported a number of times. But 2 Mondays ago Rick had me do a new exercise that's a killer! He had me lie on an incline bench, head at the upper end, reach behind my head and hold onto 2 straps, then pull my knees up to my chest and push my feet straight out - 10 times. After a brief rest and excessive complaining he had me repeat the exercise but push just 1 foot out at at time. After further pissing and moaning the 3rd variation was to point both feet up toward the ceiling and then split them apart - 10 times. Jesus, I could really feel it in my stomach muscles. This past Mon he made me do these exercises again, after having done walking lunges, which I hate because they pull my overly-tight handstrings and make me sore for 3 days. But as much as I complain, I can see and feel the benefits of the work out. Although I've lost no weight, my pants and jeans are all are too big now. Its almost as if I'm defying gravity by moving my body weight up from my waist to my chest.

I'm looking forward to a fun weekend. It will start tonight with the 'usual suspects' and dinner at the Miltonian restaurant. Tomorrow our friends Kerry & Hugh are coming, possibly bringing Kelly, Alex, and 1 or 2 others, for the weekend. Our plan is to have a mini film festival here, since Kerry & Hugh were unable to come for the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival last Nov. I think we'll be able to watch 2 movies before dinner, take a break and eat, then watch 2 more movies after dinner. On Sun morning we'll have a big breakfast here, courtesy of my darling Spouse, and then we'll watch Kerry & Hugh (and thousands of others) dive into the frigid ocean for the Polar Bear Plunge, to benefit the Special Olympics Delaware. They've done this for a few years now, and amazingly show no signs of brain damage. You won't catch me participating in such foolishness!

Crush du Jour: Roman Ragazzi


Christopher said...

Thanks for clearing up the Ronnie issue, I thought that I'd had one too many glasses of after dinner wine last night & dozed off for a minute.

Speaking of clearing up, I hope your eye gets better soon!

Gregory said...

1.) Get well.
2.) Ronnie? No.
3.)Ragazzi? More, please.

A-list said...

They do it all the time. Every week they don't show the people that are safe. It's really bad editing. I loved all the butt shots though. That is my guilty pleasure.