Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Men shaving

Let me start by saying that I find men with facial hair to be very sexy. Notice that Crush du Jour: Steve Watson (and many others) has facial hair.
Spouse has a nicely trimmed mustache/goatee combo that's sexy as hell. He's been tempted to go clean-shaven a few times, just for a change, but I protested loudly. I also find a 5:00 shadow or skipping a day of shaving makes men more handsome than when they're clean-shaven. I loves me some facial hair!

Now, that said, I also find men who are in the process of shaving to be quite sexy too. I'm not sure what it is, but I think seeing a man shaving is hot, so I scavenged some photos from Google and Flickr to help prove my point.

Okay, and did I mention baseball caps turned around backwards are hot too?Who knew there was such a thing as a "shave system"?
Love this guy's tossled hair as he shaves.
Hope he doesn't cut those sideburns too short.
Nice body on this guy.
What IS it that's so hot about the fellow below?
I know shaving is unpleasant for some men, like him perhaps, because of skin irritation. Its not a problem for me.
Thank god he's not shaving that gorgeous, hairy chest.
He's happy that he's almost done.
Last minute clean-up.

My beard is not particularly heavy, and that along with its light color makes it so I don't need to shave everyday. Plus, I work from home so it really wouldn't matter if I did have a heavy beard.

What say you of seeing men shaving?


Gregory said...

Yes please. More, thank you.

cb said...

I only shave about twice a week-- unless I absolutely have to shave more. I get rather scruffy inbetween.

I also do the 'shower shave'-- I shave during my shower by feel, and only do a quick touchup in front of a mirror.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

hmmm....i shave every other day, unless i want unseemly rash.

i love the facial hair. i don't find the shaving process sexy at all. i've watched poodle shave many times and all i'm thinking is, "when are you gonna be done already?"

tornwordo said...

My face can only take it twice a week. I wish they'd come up with a depilatory for men, I'd be all over that.

C List said...

It takes me a week to grow stuble. I love a five o'clock shadow on a man. I also love Monster House STEVE :) Yum!

Allen Thomas said...

I have been shaving since I was 13. By the time I was 16 I had a full heavy beard. I have worn a full beard or goatee and mustache for years, because it makes me appear more manly. My boyfriend loves it.