Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I recently discovered that I occasionally do something that I'm pretty sure I would find annoying if done by someone else: I sometimes end sentences with the word "so". Here are some examples:

"That will be better because I'll be home by then, so..."

"You never said you were in a hurry, so..."

"I like this one better, but that one is a better buy, so..."

I don't know when I started doing this or why. Its not like me to end a sentence with a preposition or a misplaced modifier, so why am I now ending sentences with a connector? It may sound like a small thing, but it makes no sense at all!

What makes this seem even worse is that I'm quite sure I'd notice it if someone else was ending their sentences with "so...", and it would drive me nuts. So in the interest of fairness I am going to try to refrain from ending my sentences in that way.

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Chris said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I also use "so" way too much. "Like" as well... I've even been known to use "goes" and "all" for says ("...and I go...", "...and I'm all like...").

My poor grandmother is probably turning over in her grave with my bad grammar... and stuff.

Yeah... I use "and stuff" too often as well.

Gregory said...

I start to boil when I hear:

"And he was like...; And then I was like..."

No you weren't like anything. Was like is not a verb. What you mean is: "He said...; I responded..."

Shirley Heezgay! said...

how did you figure it out? did someone else point it out?

i tend to say "you know" a lot and I hate it. i make a conscious effort not to say it.

the whole "like" thing is a bit generational...i use it sometimes, but no where as much as some kids do now.

as for "i go, he goes" i usually only notice when it's used over and over again. then it's an issue.

Stephen Rader said...

"Like" is starting to creep up in my speech and I hate it. As in, "He was, like, really, like, fun, but like, I'm not sure if, like, he like, likes me." I have to stop myself. As Gregory said, it makes me start to boil when I hear it and now I'm starting to do it. Ugh!!!!

Chris said...

Shirley, I saw a video a friend shot at a party and realized that I was doing it way too much.

A friend of mine found a solution by dropping the f-bomb as she speaks, so no one really notices the "likes" "goes" and "all": "So I'm all like fuck the fucking fucker, because he's fucking going 'fuck you' and like, I'm all, 'no, fuck you, fucker!' Like, you know? Fuck." Sure, she talks like a sailor, but it is entertaining to watch her on parents night at the day care center... (kidding. I'm kidding. She only says it in front of the kids...)

The thing that REALLY gets me is "Know what I'm sayin'?" Not, "Do you know what I'm saying?" but "Know what I'm sayin'?" I can safely say that NO, I do not know whay you're sayin' or even sayinG. The thing is, it usually follows a thought that makes no sense what so ever: "So, I'm talking to him and I'm like, you know, and then he's all up in my face, and I'm going, 'step off' and he's all being stupid and stuff, know what I'm sayin'?" Absolutely.

I blame f'ing MTV and that Cribs show: "Yeah, this is my kitchen where I get my Emeril on, know what I'm sayin'?" That you're a sellout and say "Bam" a lot? Otherwise, you'll have to clarify...

[End rant here]