Monday, August 12, 2019


I have a thing for sunglasses.  I haven't counted lately but I'd guess I have 40 pairs.

Not expensive, designer sunglasses.  Quite the opposite actually. Most of my sunglasses were under $10.  The most expensive pair was $20.  

I buy them anywhere and everywhere.  From a beach vendor in Puerto Vallarta, at the Walmart in Palm Springs, from online vendors, and occasionally even from the Dollar Tree.

I don't need my sunglasses to be "high quality" or to last forever, because I have so many and am always looking for new ones, its OK with me if they aren't heirloom quality.  

Although you can't see it in this photo, in the upper corner there's a "Dior" insignia.  But they caught my eye due to their interesting shape.  I bought them from a beach vendor in Puerto Vallarta this past January and they're the most expensive sunglasses I've purchased at $20.  I got many compliments on them when I wore them around PV and at home.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful with very inexpe3nsive sunglasses. The lenses may not block the dangerous UV rays and will eventually hurt your eyes over time, read: cataracts. Sunglasses with tinted or dark lenses allow the pupil of the eye to open wider than without glasses and thus is opened much more to allow unfiltered UV rays directly into the eye.
Please consult your eye doctor on this, he or she will confirm. Never, ever wear cheap sunglasses, you will pay an unhappy price.