Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Yesterday I joined several of my fellow realtors and some mortgage company employees to shop for needy children in our area. 

Our county is rather diverse in that there are large multi-million dollar beachfront homes only occupied a few weeks each summer, as well as tiny old trailer homes occupied year round by entire families.  There's both wealth and poverty here.

That's why our realtor association has a foundation that raises money in the fall so that these needy children can have clothing and toys for Christmas.  Yesterday's shopping trip was how those items are obtained.

We were given an information sheet with the childrens' names, ages, sizes, and preferred colors.  Additionally the sheet indicates whether or not the child needs a winter coat.  I shopped for 6 children yesterday and all of them needed coats and shoes.

Bargain shopping has been my hobby for years, having furnished apartments and homes on a budget many times, as well as finding mid-century modern furniture and decor as low as possible.  So stretching the budget for these children is right in my wheelhouse, and I really enjoy getting the closest match to what they want/need and spending the least possible.

While the childrens' stories are sad (some living with elderly grandparents because their parents are in prison) the shopping project is actually happy and fun because we're accomplishing our goal of helping these needy kids who aren't responsible for their situations.


anne marie in philly said...

and 6 kids will be warm and dry this winter thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and generous thing to do. I love that you are a good shopper, thrifty and able to fulfill the needs. Thank you for doing this.