Monday, September 18, 2017

Sean & Jeffrey

This evening we had the pleasure of celebrating a birthday dinner with Sean & Jeffrey!  

They planned a long weekend with friends Ken & nearby and invited us to join them for Jeffrey's 50th birthday dinner at Dos Locos.  Of course no birthday at a Mexican restaurant is complete without the birthday boy being serenaded while wearing a giant sombrero.
Selfie of Jeffrey and me

I should have looked at this photo of Sean and then taken a better one
We had a great meal, delicious cocktails, and fun conversation.  Then we went over to the house they'd rented for more cocktails and delicious, gluten-free German chocolate birthday cake.
Sean ordered this from a bakery who delivered it right to their door
I'll admit we were all a bit unsure of how a gluten-free German chocolate cake would turn out but it was super tasty.

As Spouse & I were touring the house, we both felt some deja-vue.  Then Spouse said "Isn't this the house that Pete & Alex rented a few summers ago for Alex's birthday?"  Sure enough, it was!  How weird that we'd been invited to the same house twice by friends who'd rented it for a birthday!!

We had a lovely visit with the Breens and promised to not let so much time lapse before we visit again.

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anne marie in philly said...

if no one tells you it's gluten-free, you never notice. I've eaten some gluten-free cake before and found it very tasty. fun times with great people!