Monday, August 14, 2017

Evening out

One of the many great things about living here at the beach is all the friends that come for vacations but don't stay with you.  We love meeting up for dinner and/or drinks with friends who are in town for a weekend or a few days at the beach.

Yesterday we enjoyed a really fun evening out.  We met Matt & Stacy and their twins Dana and Jake through Steven & Thad.  Matt & Stacy and Thad went to high school together.  The family came to the area to spend a few days at the beach so we all met up for dinner.

We intended to meet at a restaurant that happened to be closed, so we went next door to a place we'd not tried before.  At 1st it seemed a little sketchy because our waiter appeared to be tweaking, but he managed to get everyone's order right.  The 3 separate checks was a different story.

I had a cocktail called Liquid Lap Dance.
It was fine, but didn't really live up to its provocative name.

Matt and son Jake
The food was pretty good and we had lots of laughs.  Dana and Jake will be freshmen in college next week so we got to hear all about their activities and bucket list items.  Although twins, they are not going to the same school.

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