Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Well lived

Spouse came home Mon night and filled me in on more of the details of his mom's illness and passing.  Yesterday the arrangements were confirmed with the funeral home, church, and cemetary.

We're leaving tomorrow for the DC area, to help out with a few things and to spend some time with the family.  There will be viewings at the funeral home on Fri 2-4pm and again 6-8pm.  A funeral mass will be held Sat at 11am at the church Evelyn attended for many years.  Internment will be Mon at 10:30.

It will be a difficult few days for sure, but we will also celebrate a life well lived.  More on that later.

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Sean said...

Please give Spouse a hug from both of us and share with him our sincerest sympathies for the loss of his mother.