Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend recap

Overall it was a very nice holiday weekend.

Spouse & I took the dogs with us Thurs morning and drove to Spouse's sister's house, arriving just before noon.  Both of our nephews were home from college so we were happy to spend some time with them.  Shortly thereafter the boys went to pick up their grandmother and I went to pick up my aunt Mary.  Eventually our niece showed up with her daughter and boyfriend so we could eat.  We had a beautiful and delicious turkey, dressing, sweet potato shuffle, corn casserole, macaroni & cheese, peas, corn, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, biscuits, and roasted brussel sprouts & butternut squash.  For dessert we had pumpkin pie, brownies, apple cake, hummingbird cake (my all-time favorite) and assorted chocolates.  Everything was tasty and we all ate too much.  We had lots of fun talking, laughing, and catching up on everyone's lives.
Spouse's sister and her granddaughter Gabby

Me and my aunt Mary, making silly faces

Spouse's mom with her great granddaughter

Our brother-in-law Eric (armed and dangerous) and our nephew Eric

Our nephew David fighting off a food coma

Our niece's boyfriend Randy
We stayed overnight there and had a leisurely breakfast while talking about Christmas plans.  We left at 12:30 and arrived back home about 3:00.  Spouse took a nap while I watched a little TV, then we met up with Steven & Thad for dinner.

Sat I went to work until 1:00, then headed to the memorial service for our friend Karen.  (This is the 3rd memorial service I've attended within the last 3 months.)  I met Karen in VA at the church we used to attend.  She & Marty joined just as we were about to move away.  I later discovered that they moved to the same town here in DE and that we were neighbors.  The service took place on the beach, which sounds lovely on paper.  In reality though, it was very windy and about 50 degrees so everyone was freezing by the time it ended 30 minutes later.  Then there was a nice reception at a local venue.  It was really nice to see so many friends from the church come to the memorial service, and I enjoyed chatting with many I hadn't see in several years.  Among those friends who'd come from the church were our good friends Ron & James.  We'd arranged in advance to have dinner with them after the service and for them to stay overnight at our home.  This gave us a great opportunity to visit and catch up with them.

Sun morning the 4 of us had breakfast and Ron & James headed back to VA.  Spouse & I relaxed for a little while, then got the Christmas tree assembled, lit, and strung with the silver beads.  
The ornaments will be added next Sun during our tree trimming party.  I also put up the wreaths on the exterior doors.  
Throughout this coming week after work we'll continue with the interior decorations.  Hopefully we'll have it done before the weekend since we'll need time on Sat & Sun to make the food we'll be serving at the tree trimming party.  We ended the evening by having an easy dinner out with Steven & Thad and then watching 2 episodes of WestWorld.  Anyone else watching that show?  I love it!


anne marie in philly said...

looks like all y'all had a nice TD time!

spouse SO looks like his mom.

please give my smooches to steven and thad and lil joe p when you see them this weekend.

BosGuy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I've never heard of hummingbird cake, but everything else sounds delicious. BTW, I feel like I'm the only one in the world not yet watching WestWorld. I think I'm going to have to DVR it.