Monday, October 17, 2016

VA visit

Yesterday Spouse & I packed up the dogs and drove back to VA to spend some time with the family.

Prior to cremation a family member must 'identify' the body and sign an authorization.  The hospital suggested that any family members who wished to see Frank for the last time could do so during this visitation time.

I chose to stay behind with our nephew (home from college for the weekend) and our neice's 11-month old baby while the rest of the family went to say goodbye.  I felt no need to see Frank's ravaged body 1 last time, and I knew there'd be a fair amount of crying from their mother, so I spared myself from joining in.  

After the brief visitation, everyone returned to Spouse's sister's house and we ordered Chinese food and pizza.  The mood was considerably lighter than I'm sure it was during the visitation, and we discussed plans and dates for the memorial service.  

We left in the early afternoon so as not to get caught in the football stadium traffic.  Shortly after returning home we met up with Steven & Thad for an easy dinner.  It felt like a long day.


anne marie in philly said...

my condolences to you and spouse and the family.

Anonymous said...

Mark, I'm sorry this comment is so late. Please accept my condolences to you and your spouse on the passing of Frank. It is never easy to deal with the death of a family member. Although you were not close, I'm sure you cared about him.