Monday, February 15, 2016

Cruise catch-up

We had a great time on our cruise!  The weather was great and we met several fun people.

Since I already shared a lot of details and photos about the Oasis of the Seas in this post, I'm just going to catch you up with a few personal pics and stories.

We had an exterior stateroom with a balcony that contained a table and 2 chairs.  We enjoyed many lovely vistas like this during our cruise.

Our 1st port of call was Nassau Bahamas.  Our friends Thad & Steve joined us for a group selfie.
We were not impressed by Nassau.  The famed 'straw market' was really just a big souvenir shop.

The ship was absolutely a major plus for the cruise.  It was absolutely enormous and had more shows and activities than you could see or do in a week.  I took this photo to demonstrate the size and scale of the ship.  Near the bottom right where the 'Royal Caribbean' logo is printed on the ship, there are people standing on the pier.  Look at the people, and then look at the height and length of the ship.  Mind.  Blown.

Our 2nd port of call was St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  For $25 per person we went on a tour of the island which included several scenic stops and an hour to shop in town.  This photo was taken near the top of the mountain.

We were part of a group so we had a couple private functions throughout the week, one of which was a Mardi Gras party on Fat Tuesday.  Below I'm wearing a cool, feathered mask (purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1) and Spouse is wearing Mardi Gras beads.  I bought him a mask too, but he didn't want to cover up that handsome face of his. 

Our 3rd port of call was St Maarten, which turned out to be our favorite of the 3.  Below is a selfie taken aboard the water taxi which shuttled us from the pier to the beach.  You may notice that I always seem to be wearing the same green t-shirt.  That's because this t-shirt color-coordinated with all 3 swimsuits I brought.

The selfie below was taken on the beach in St Maarten.  No, we're not sunburned.  The reason we look red is because we're sitting underneath a red umbrella, so the sun through the umbrella cast a red haze over us.
The water was crystal clear turquoise and the beach was like sugar.  It was really beautiful there.

On our way back to the ship from St Maarten I took this photo.  Our ship is on the left, a 'normal' size cruise ship is on the left, and in front of the 'normal' size cruise ship are people standing there.  This helps you once again get some perspective on the enormity of the Oasis of the Seas.

When we got to the airport to come home it was 73 degrees in Ft Lauderdale.  A few hours later when we got off the airplane in Washington DC it was 15 degrees.  Two days later it snowed.  NOT the welcome we were hoping for, but we had a great time.


anne marie in philly said...

FABULOUS! all my boyfriends looked like they had a great time! but that huge ship - oh my!

Steven said...

So glad to hear that you guys had a great time on the cruise!! When I recall you stating what ship you were going to be on and hearing that one similar to it (size-wise) ran into a terrible storm, I feared you were on that ship. Sorry that Nassau was a bummer, but it sounds like the ship provided great opportunities for fun.