Monday, September 21, 2015

Birthday brunch buffet

Yesterday was our good friend Steven's 50th birthday.  His partner Thad planned a surprise birthday brunch at a local restaurant.  Steven was told that he was meeting Spouse & me and his old friends Jon & Carol Ann for brunch, but in reality there were more than 20 other friends and family members there.

Thad created 'loot bags' for all the guests to take home, seen on the table in the photo below. 
Loot bags on the table
They contained snacks and candies that are favorites of Steven, like Rolos, Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, Slim Jims, and more.

A magenta and black zebra print birthday hat was waiting for Steven, and I was glad he wore the hat for almost the entire party.
Steven with his daughters at his side
Since the brunch buffet included a variety of desserts, there was no obligatory birthday cake.  Instead Thad selected a piece of cake from the buffet and added the 5 and 0 candles to it.  We all sang "Happy birthday".

After we'd all stuffed ourselves from the amazing brunch buffet, Steven posed for some photos with his friends and family.  Below on the left is his longtime friend John, and Spouse and Joe P on the right.  I referred to them as the Four Paisanos!
Four Paisanos
Below are Steven with 2 of his sisters and 1 sister's husband as well as Thad and his sister Robin.
Brothers and Sisters
Steven & Thad with their daughters.

The food was amazing (much better than I expected from a buffet) and everyone had a great time.

Happy 50th birthday to my good friend!!

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anne marie in philly said...

steven is 50? and he has daughters? hells bells!

happy birthday, steven; hopefully I will be able to say that in person to him in 2.5 weeks!