Friday, July 03, 2015

New car

Spouse is picking up his new car today:  a 2010 Mercedes Benz ML350.

As I mentioned in this post, we've been looking for a new car for him for over a month.  Our friend Bryan owns a great used car dealership and has gotten us great cars in the past, so we told him what we were looking for.  He found a 2007 ML350 but after having it evaluated by his mechanic he found it had a 'soft cam' issue which is documented on the internet for this year/model, so it was returned.  A few weeks later he found a 2008 ML500 (same body with a larger engine) but after evaluation by his mechanic this vehicle had a transmission issue, so it was returned too.

Finally Bryan was able to get us this 2010 ML350 which has been checked out and given a clean bill of health.

This color combination is Spouse's favorite:  creamy white exterior with tan interior.

I've made Spouse promise to keep this new car cleaner than his old PT Cruiser, which means no food, candy, or gum wrappers AND regular washing and vacuuming.

He's very excited!


anne marie in philly said...

nice! good luck with it, spouse!

Biki Honko said...

What a lovely car! I hope it gives many years of great service to Mr. Spouse. I take it you aren't a fan of dirty cars?

Hubbys trucks always look like a moving trash bin, and it drives me nuts! I don't eat in "George" but do have sucker wrappers and sticks in the cup holder, and when it gets full, I toss em.

Steven said...

Spouse has good taste!! And sounds like you will know how to keep him on the neat and tidy!

Anonymous said...

Nice car!!!