Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It ain't fittin'

Believe it or not, my intentional weight loss does have a negative side effect:  my clothes don't fit anymore.  Poor me!  I know.

But seriously, having lost more than 30 lbs means that none of my jeans fit anymore.  I finally broke down a few weeks ago and bought a new pair of jeans so I could stop wearing the big ones with 2-3 inches of the waist cinched up with a belt.

All the pants I wear to work are also too big.  I typically wear khaki-style pants, and have them in light and dark khaki, navy, olive and grey.  Fortunately I saved the ones that were a size smaller in the guest room closet.  I was elated to try them on and find that they fit me just fine.  I would have hated to go out and spend money to replace the pants with a smaller size.

But when I got my shorts out I wasn't so lucky.  I tried on all 17 pairs of shorts I wore last summer and only 7 of them are okay.  Even those 7 are a little too big and will have to be cinched with a belt, but they weren't as large on me as the other 10 pairs.  My test was this:  if I buttoned them and could slide them over my hips, they were out.  Sadly, 3 of the 10 pairs were brand new last summer, and all of my plaid shorts are too big to wear.  Now I have no more plaid shorts. 

So last night Spouse & I stopped in at the Old Navy Outlet Store and I was able to replace 2 colors I'd bought brand new last summer with my current size, plus found a pair of navy shorts with pale pink flamingos embroidered on them to replace 1 of the plaid.  Oddly I found no plaid shorts.

My friend Thad will disapprove.  He believes that Old Navy is for "young people" and says that I am NOT young.  Sometimes he sees me and jokingly says I'm wearing "age-inappropiate apparel".  But Old Navy clothes appeal to me, and they're very reasonably priced (especially with all the crazy sales our Outlet Store is always running), and I don't like the stuffy-looking clothes intended for men my age.  So I often buy things at Old Navy and its companion stores The Gap and Banana Republic, all of which have Outlet Stores here.


anne marie in philly said...

you ain't old honey! wear what ya feel and feel what ya wear!

Ur-spo said...

I am mad-jealous of your accomplishment.

Biki Honko said...

What a wise fella you are to have saved your smaller sized clothes. So that helped the pocket book quite a bit, how about shirts do they fit ok?

I finally got all old school on myself and forced myself to ditch my fav pair of shorts. They were now 2 sizes to large, sigh they will be missed.

Sean said...

I continue to struggle with my weight .... I have short term successes. I try to find eating and exercise regimes that I will stick with, but so far, everything is temporary before I lose interest, drive, or will power. I may just have to give this way a try and see how I do. Congrats and keep it up!