Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We're expecting...

For several months Spouse & I have been checking the local SPCA website for a playmate/sibling for Marvin.  We think he'd really enjoy a playmate, and we'd like another Chihuahua, but have had no luck finding another rescue.

One of Spouse's colleagues also has a Chihuahua and volunteered to help us find another.  Yesterday she texted Spouse a photo of 3 available Chihuhua puppies that were available from friends of friends, and he forwarded it to me.

What???  A puppy???

Initially I'm very apprehensive since I've never had a puppy before.  How would we manage until the puppy was old enough to house train?

We talked through some of the details and I agreed to go see the pups this evening after work.  The dark male and the light female were already spoken for, so just the light male was available.  All 3 pups and their mom and dad were playing in the backyard when we arrived, and we were pleased that none of them barked or growled at us.  To the contrary, mom and dad greeted us and welcomed our petting and scratching them.  This is a very good indicator that the pups' personalities will be friendly and laid back, similar to Marvin's.

We each held the light male pup who snuggled right up to my chest.  
I could tell Spouse really, really wanted the light pup so we agreed to claim him.  He's scheduled for shots on Sun, and we have house guests this weekend, so we agreed to pick up the new little guy on Sun afternoon.

Unless something changes, his name will be Walter Nelson.


Anonymous said...

Read a lot if you're not familiar with puppies! I've raised several, it took til the last one before I got it right. HAHAHAHA

Seriously Marvin's personality will rub off on the new pup!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Really, really, cool!

Peace <3

anne marie in philly said...

OMB, what a little sweetheart!

how will marvin welcome walter?

and just HOW did you come up with marvin parker and walter nelson?

Deep Dish said...

Congratulations on the adorable addition to your family!

Bob said...

Walter Nelson.
He sounds like an accountant like our feline Max Goldberg, of the Boca Raton Goldbergs!

cb said...

Puppies are sneaky. Once you pick them up and cuddle... it's over.

Ur-spo said...

such a cutie !