Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blogger visit

I've had the honor of meeting several bloggers over the years, and I must say that I am never disappointed. They have all been just as 'real' as their blog posts, and usually even more charming.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of welcoming Tornwordo from Sticky Crows and his husband Serge who live in Montreal.  They are on a week-long Mid-Atlantic/Northeastern roadtrip and included my little seaside hamlet.

They arrived around noon, so after hugs and a short visit with Marvin, I took them to Rehoboth Beach for lunch.  We ate at the Green Turtle, a 2nd floor restaurant overlooking the ocean, which on a clear day would afford spectacular views.  Unfortunately it was overcast and gray so the view was not so spectacular.  But we talked over lunch and snapped a selfie before leaving.
Me, Serge, Tornwordo
Next we went for a walk on the boardwalk.  We actually ducked into a souvenir shop for a possible sweatshirt purchase for Serge since the chilly breeze was coming off the ocean and it was only in the 50s. But a brisk walk helped warm us up.  Back in the car, I showed them around town a bit, and then we headed back home, with a couple detours around my little hamlet.  More conversation, stories, and the next thing I knew, Spouse was coming home from work.  How the time flew by!  The 4 of us went to dinner at Fins Ale House & Raw Bar.
Tornwordo behind my dirty martini
I had the fried oyster dinner with seasonal veggies and tater tots.  Spouse had the balsamic glazed salmon, and Tornwordo had the lobster roll and Serge had Mediterranean pasta.  Everything was delicious and our dinner was made even better by the great conversations.
Smiles all around!
Once back at home Tornwordo introduced us to a game called Heads Up, which is kind of like charades, except just 1 person is trying to guess the word from clues given by the rest of the folks.  Serge was trying to guess the word "Yoda" so Tornwordo was imitating Yoda's voice and common phrases.  Then I said that it rhymes with the word soda.  Serge said "Sparacus!" and we all burst into laughter.  Later, Tornwordo was trying to guess the word "Pegasus" so my clue was a horse with a horn on its head.  He correctly said what I described which is a unicorn, so then Spouse corrected me by saying "a horse with wings".  Again, laughter nearly crippled us for several minutes.  All that brainwork and laughing made us thirsty so we had a couple glasses of Proseco with St Germaine before going to bed at midnight.

The next morning Spouse said his goodbyes before heading off to work and the 3 of us enjoyed coffee and more conversations.  After quick showers we walked to JD's Cafe for breakfast, and then my friends from the great white north were on their way to their next fantastic destination.  Although we'd never met in person before, it certainly didn't feel like I'd spent 24 hours with strangers.  Rather, it seemed like time spent with friends I hadn't seen in a long time.


anne marie in philly said...

damn! first sassybear's house, now your house. they missed mine; they drove right past philly. :(

but how lucky you got to host a great couple! :)

I wonder where they are heading next...kelly's in richmond, peut-etre?

tornwordo said...

Anne-Marie! We spent one day in Conshohocken and I wish we could have met up. Our car was getting fixed so we just sat on the porch sipping drinks all day.

Yes, Marc, it definitely felt like visiting friends we hadn't seen in a long time. Hugs to you both.

Breenlantern said...

You are all great guys and knew you'd enjoy your time together. Wish we could have all gotten together. Maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
Torn and I had so much fun at your place, you were an excellent host and wish to see you and your spouse very soon. Thank again. Serge

Ur-spo said...

what fun! It's always a treat is it not to meeting fellow bloggers in person.

Rick said...

What a good looking bunch!