Friday, September 27, 2013


Today I was involved in the filming of a commercial.

Not a commercial for a product, but rather for my real estate team.  Its a short commercial that will only be 30 seconds long, with 6 or 7 very short vignettes featuring team members with clients, and intro and closing shots of the entire team.

When considering which of our clients to invite to participate in this project, we took care to show diversity.  We had a 'senior' couple (my clients), a 'young' couple with a baby (also my clients), a gay couple, an inter-racial couple, a middle-aged white couple, and a middle-aged single woman.  I am pretty happy about that.

The actual filming went more smoothly than I anticipated.  Most of the vignettes were done in just 2 takes.  But who knows how long the editting and voice-over work will take.  I hope to post a link to the commercial when its done.

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anne marie in philly said...

no asians or hispanics?

I would like to see you on camera!