Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sweet-n-Sour Richfield

Last night I went to see Miss Richfield 1981 in her latest show "Made in China" at the Blue Moon.

I met Steven & Thad and Joe P for dinner 1st at the Purple Parrot.  (Spouse opted to stay home and peruse the home shopping channels instead.)  It was burger night so of course we had to get the huge 1 lb burgers, which were a tasty splurge.  Then we headed over to the Blue Moon for the show.

I've seen Miss Richfield 1981 several times and feel she is 1 of the funniest entertainers I've ever seen.  This new show "Made in China" was no exception.  The concept of the show was that, since winning her title as Miss Richfield in 1981, she's been traveling the country sharing the joys of Richfield, MN.  The people of Richfield support her efforts to such a degree that each time she returns home, there is another (1-way) bus ticket on her trailer door, courtesy of the townsfolk.  Since everything is made in China these days (iPhones, clothing, etc.) Miss Richfield has decided to take her show on the road... to China.

In her usual politically incorrect and stereotype-exaggerating way, she had us doubled over with laughter until tear streamed down our faces.  Only don't laugh for too long or you'll miss the next funny thing she'll say.

We had a terrific time, and after the show Miss Richfield came out into the audience to pose for pictures!  Here are Joe P, Miss Richfield 1981, and me:
Here's Miss Richfield and Steven:

Be sure to check out her show when she comes to your town.  If she doesn't come to your town, then MOVE, or at least make a point to see her where ever you can.  Check her appearance dates here.

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