Friday, April 19, 2013

4-letter word

There are 3 outlet centers near us which contain designer factory stores like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, etc.  Spouse & I usually stop in our favorites once a month to scavenge the clearance racks for incredible finds.  Sometimes we walk about carrying a bag or 2, while others times we're empty-handed.  Its all good.

Yesterday evening we stopped in at the Kenneth Cole factory store and saw they were having a store closing sale!  The young lady working the store told us they are planning to reopen in a smaller store when one becomes available.  But for now they are liquidating everything.

My favorite 4-letter word is SALE!!  We never pay full price for anything and actually enjoy purchases even more when we get them at deep discounts, so this sale had our names written all over it.

Everything in the store was at least 50% off the lowest ticket price.  The clearance items (orange tickets) were 75% off.  If the store wasn't already more than 1/2 empty we probably would have done a lot more damage!

Spouse got 3 pairs of dress shoes and a leather satchal.  I got 1 pair of dress shoes and a leather wallet.  

Ticket prices of everything we got:  $524.  

Amount we paid:  $202.


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Anonymous said...

I love outlet shops. Except. Nothing ever fits, it's all for SMALL PEOPLE! Not BIG GUYS like me. Ugh.

Peace <3