Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Holiday spirit

I really enjoy the holidays, especially Christmas. I love the decorations, lights, wreaths, everything. I love to see people putting up decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving (although decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving is a big no-no; you do NOT rush the holidays). I love to see cars with Christmas trees tied to their roofs, knowing they'll soon be at home trimming that wonderful smelling tree.

But this year I had a little difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit. I'm not sure if it was because of that 5-day stretch of 70 degree days, or if it was because I'm not sure exactly where I'm going to be living on Christmas.

I have yet write out a single holiday card or pull out a single decoration because I remain hopeful that someone will want to rent our house soon, and I don't want to have spent all the time decorating if they want/need to move in before Christmas. (One potential renter said "We'd like to be in before Christmas.") I'd have to un-decorate quickly, adding yet another thing for me to do in order to vacate the house. So, as I've done with many things, I've put off getting into the spirit of the holidays, pending the situation with the house.

But on Sat I got a really good shot of holiday spirit, directly into a main artery. We went to the annual Manassas Christmas parade. Its an old-fashioned Christmas parade, complete with fire trucks, marching bands, floats, politicians sitting atop convertibles - everything you'd expect in an old town Christmas parade.

Kerry & Hugh live in the historic district of Manassas. Their house is on the parade route, so for the last several years they have hosted myriads of friends, family, and co-workers at their house for the parade. Their dining room table is filled with tasty treats and there's no shortage of hot coffee and tea, and warm cocoa. Watch the parade, and then come inside for a drink and to warm up. Watch some more of the parade, then come inside to use the bathroom. It couldn't be any more convenient or fun!

We brought Joe's mom, my aunt Mary, and the Newlyweds with us. Joe's mom and my aunt had been before, but it was the first time for the Newlyweds. It was perfect weather for it: chilly and Christmasy but bright and sunny. We all had a great time! After the parade, a group of us went to Anthony's for lunch.

Now I'm feeling much more like myself at this time of the year. I'm itching to pull our Christmas tree up from the basement and start decorating it. But I'll 'hold that thought' for just a few more days, in case we get a contract on our house soon.

Drag Queen name of the day: Rose Garden

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