Thursday, October 13, 2005

This 'n that

Last weekend we went to the beach with our friends Greg & Gerry. We knew the weather wasn't supposed to be great, but I thought it would just be overcast the whole time. I was wrong.

After an entire summer of less-than-average rainfall, Friday it poured all day, and all night as we drove up to the beach. We stayed up late talking, so we slept late on Sat morning. It was raining when we got up. Joe made a delicious breakfast of banana walnut pancakes with bacon, orange juice, and coffee. We lingered over breakfast, hoping the rain would stop so we could go out.

Finally we decided to go out anyway. We showed Greg & Gerry the town of Lewes, the bay beach, the ferry depot, then went to a furniture store on Rt 1. We drove into the town of Rehoboth, but it was raining too hard for us to get out and walk around, so we went to lunch at a spot on Rt 1 and then picked up two movies from the video store.

Once back at the house Joe and Greg took naps, while Gerry and I chatted some more. When everyone was awake we watched the first of our two movies 'Crash'. You may remember from a previous blog post that I had seen this film before, but none of the others had seen it, and I liked it enough to see it again. We all enjoyed it.

We were going to go out for dinner, but the rain just wouldn't quit and we didn't feel like going out in it again, so we ordered a Grottos pizza to be delivered and watched our second film 'Beauty Shop'. Queen Latifa plays this gifted hair stylist who is taken for granted by the salon owner. She opens her own beauty shop but finds that she must be able to do more than hair. It was a fun movie.

Sunday we had brunch at Partners Bistro, then strolled around Rehoboth. The rain had finally stopped. We had a nice time peeking into many of the stores in town, then headed back to the house to get ready to leave.

After arriving home I talked with my friend Dave regarding his invitation to Sunday dinner. He makes dinner for his friends on most Sundays, and the group's attendance changes a bit from week to week. We confirmed we were coming and headed on over.

Dave and I met in the spring of 1993, as we were both coming out. He lived near me and we met at a casual social event for GLBT folks in the community. We got along quickly and became good friends. That summer we went to Ft Lauderdale and Key West on vacation. Some years later, we both moved away and didn't stay in touch. A few months ago I saw Dave in the John Waters film 'A Dirty Shame', so I dug out his email address and we reconnected. It was great to see him again on Sunday, and to meet his partner and several friends.

Tuesday evening we met Kerry & Hugh and George for dinner. Joe's mom came with us. We chatted about Kerry & Hugh's planned house addition, as well as other upcoming events. We had a fun time, as we always do with them.

Wednesday I got up before the sun (aarrgg...) in order to catch a 7:59am flight to Chicago. My boss (who is leaving the company in 2 weeks) and one of the sales guys who is taking over some of my boss' accounts and I planned a quick trip to Chicago to introduce the sales guy to some clients, take them to lunch, and talk about upcoming business. The weather was cool and overcast in Chicago, but it was fun to be there. I returned home from the airport at 10pm and was exhausted. I had a little ice cream and talked to Joe, then went to bed.

Tonight is the opening night of Reel Affirmations, the gay and lesbian film festival in Washington DC. Joe and I had planned to go to tonight's opening film, but Joe's back has been hurting for a few days, and since it was raining all day/evening, we decided not to go. (The fact that tonight's film was $15./person instead of $9./person like all the other nights had a little something to do with it, too.) So we stayed in this evening, had a dinner of warm chicken pot pies, and he is currently watching 'Muriel's Wedding' on cable while I read/wrote email and updated this blog.

We're heading to the beach again this coming weekend. Rehoboth Beach is having its annual Jazz Festival AND the weather is supposed to be sunny. YAY!!!

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Jamie said...

We were looking for you last night! You missed a HILARIOUS movie, which you should definitely rent when it comes out - 'Adam and Steve.' The audience was in stiches. Sorry we didn't meet up, and that Joe isn't feeling 100%. Hope you guys have a great weekend at the beach!