Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm back...

I'm back from vacation. Might I say that it was well-deserved, too. Work has been (and still is) so hectic and stressful that I truly needed this vacation. I had seven (count 'em) seven days away from work, at the beach.

The weather was mostly good. There was rain one day, and one and a half days where it was cloudy, but we didn't care. It was just great to get away and be near the ocean.

But then came the dreaded part of every vacation: the end. Wednesday I was really, REALLY dreading going in to work. I knew what was waiting for me: the end of the billing period, which when translated into layman's terms means that I not only get to do the two full-time jobs that I already have, but I get to do another part-time job on top of that - supposedly all within the same 8 hour days. But this time I decided that I was going to try to keep my calm, cool, collected, and stress-free mindset despite the chaos and unreasonable demands placed upon me by people who don't know the half of what I do.

But it takes its toll. Yesterday and today I've come home tired; really tired. Yesterday I developed an annoying and painful headache, which is unusual for me. But fortunately I slept well last night.

Maybe in a day or so I'll write more about the vacation, but for now, I'm going to join my husband on the couch for a little mindless TV and then hit the sack.

More later.

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