Thursday, June 23, 2005

Some random thoughts to share

1. I picked up this cool photo display board for a buck at a yard sale. The background is covered in this funky martini fabric so I decided to go through my photos and pick out ones of people with cocktails to put on the photo display board. Cool idea, right? That's what I thought. Oh my god... I took a serious trip down memory lane. There were photos of our cat Pouncer when he was a tiny kitten, there were photos of mine & Joe's first Christmas tree, there were photos of every Thanksgiving (hosted at our house) for the last 9 years, there were photos of us fixing up our first house 8 1/2 years ago, and there were photos of various vacations. THEN I got to the box with the really old photos, like my high school graduation (23 years ago), photos of school trips, photos of "Dominants" performances... it was too much! I had forgotten how fun it can be to look back at old photos.

2. Can I say just how SICK I am of hearing about that damn Natalie Holloway from Alabama, who disappeared while on a school trip to Aruba? You'd think they were looking for Osama Bin Laden with all the searchers and press coverage. And why her? I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of kids who go missing every day. Why so much attention on this one girl? Why have thousands of people searching for this one girl, when they should be assigned to some of the other 'missing kids' cases out there. I just don't get it.

3. When did it happen? When did parents stop being in control and the children take over? Why do kids have so many choices now? While standing in line at a self-serve ice cream machine, I was tormented by the following conversation:
Mom: Dylan, do you want it in a cup or on a cone?
Dylan ignores her and continues to dance and sing.
Mom: Dylan, do you want your ice cream in a cup or on a cone?
Dylan continues ignoring her, so she repeats this 2 or 3 more times. Finally Dylan says a cup.
Mom: Do you want cookie crumbles on top?
Dylan is now on verse two of his song.
Mom: Dylan, do you want cookie crumbles on top?
Dylan still isn't paying attention, so she asks him several more times. All the while, the line is not moving because this mother is attempting to cater to a kid who just doesn't care. I was tempted to tell the woman that perhaps she should come back to the ice cream machine after she'd collected Dylan's full order, but decided against it since Dylan was getting to the end of his song.

Then, another time I overheard a parent "negotiating" with a 3 year old.
Mom: Now, if I give you a cookie, are you going to get in your booster seat? Do you want the chocolate chip cookie or the peanut butter cookie? No, I'm sorry, I don't have any candy bars, just cookies. Now, if I give you a cookie, will you get in your booster seat?
You can't negotiate with a 3 year old. They don't understand that. You are the parent so it is your job to make decisions for your child. It's no wonder lots of kids don't know what to do when they graduate from high school. They can't make a decision because they're already exhausted from all the decisions they've had to make while trying to grow up!

Then there was Shannon and her mom in the booth across from us. About 700 times the mom said "Shannon, turn around and eat your chicken." I noticed she always called the little girl Shannon, and never Sweetie, Pumpkin, or any other affectionate term. It's like she was babysitting someone else's child, only this was her child. (She referred to herself as "Mommy" to Shannon once.) It was weird how disconnected this mother was from her daughter.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love kids... especially with hot fudge! ;-)

4. Happy birthday to my blogger buddy Billy! Keep saying "I love you"!!!

5. June is Gay Pride month. Happy gay pride everybody.

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Spencer said...

Another good post Mark! Pictures are always fun to look at as long as theres none of me I hate pictures and in my family you won't find many of me!

Thanks for saying that about that missing girl I am like omg there is more kids s lot younger than her missing maybe if she wasnt out drinking she would be home now!

Kids don't even let me get started on that!

Have a great weekend!