Thursday, April 14, 2005

The latest on Jordan

Jordan continues to improve every day!

On Tuesday when Joe lifted her into position to pee, she was able to support her weight and stand up while she peed. She tried to take a few steps, but her hind legs kind of collapsed.

On Wednesday she was able to stand up without assistance, and take a few steps. Then she’d sit down for a few seconds, then get back up and walk a few more steps.

Today, she is able to walk, almost like normal. The linoleum kitchen floor and the hard wood floors are harder for her, but she does great on the rugs and carpet. In fact, we are trying very hard to limit her because we don’t want her to try to run around or try the stairs. The vet’s instructions were clear: no running and no stairs for at least 2 weeks.

But we are thrilled at her rapid progress! Of course, she is still on steroids, anti-inflammatory meds and pain meds, but they will all be finished tomorrow. Honestly, I am more than a little nervous about how she will do without any chemical assistance.

My boss told me about a natural substance called Glucosamine that is good for joints and arthritis. He said his 10-year old dog would occasionally limp after an especially vigorous day. He began giving her Glucosamine and his dog hasn’t limped since then. He also told me that you could buy dog food and dog treats that have Glucosamine in them, which sounded like a great idea to me.
Joe agreed, so after work we headed to the PetSmart and bought some of the dog food and dog treats with Glucosamine. I wasn’t worried if Jordan would eat them or not because she is not picky. She’ll eat anything. Sure enough, she gobbled down the food and enjoyed the treats. So, I am hoping that the Glucosamine food and treats will pick up where the prescription meds leave off tomorrow. Stay tuned to find out.

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