Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Saying "Buh-bye" (American Idol, part II)

Tonight was the 2nd of the top 12 finalists' eliminations.

Last week I agreed with the judges that all of the performances were lacking. It was like someone forgot to tell them 'we're in the finals now - you've got to step it up'. Even strong performers like Carrie Underwood were lack-luster. Last Tuesday I correctly identified Lindsay as the weakest singer and the one to whom we'd have to say "Buh-bye". On Wednesday I was right.

After watching tonight's performances I thought that all of the singers really injected themselves with steroids. Every performance was outstanding tonight, with the exception of Nadia. I thought this was her worst performance, although she is a great singer.

Ever since the first time I heard Mikalah sing I thought 'her voice and diction remind me of Taylor Dane'. 'Maybe she'd do better if she sang a Taylor Dane song'. Low and behold, tonight she sang "Love Will Lead You Back" by Taylor Dane! But as much as I like Mikalah, who looks like Fran Drescher (The Nanny) and sounds like Taylor Dane, I believe that she is now the weakest singer and I predict that tomorrow night it will be Mikalah who we'll have to say "Buh-bye" to. Tomorrow night we'll see if I am correct again.

Although it is only the 2nd of 12 finalist performances, I am predicting that the last 3 left in the competition will be Carrie, Nadia, and Jessica. My gut tells me Carrie may win.

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Spencer said...

I think the voted off the wrong person this week she was better than a few others.

My Pa Boy is still hanging in!

Happy Easter!