Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Back in March I mentioned taking a free yoga class at the gym where Spouse & I belong. I liked it a lot and went again the following week. At that class, the instructor informed us she would no longer be leading the class, due to personal commitments. She seemed to think the gym would find someone else to lead the class.

I showed up the following week to find an empty classroom. When I inquired at the desk, I was informed they had not yet found anyone to lead the class. I checked back several more times over the following weeks but was told the same.

A friend of mine recently joined the same gym and told me he was interested in the yoga class. Sure enough, 6 months later the gym had finally found someone to lead the yoga class again.

So I went last night. Wow... it was a real work out. The original class was an hour long and had more beginners like me, including several men. This new class is an hour and a half long and had 2 experienced ladies, 1 inexperienced lady, and me.

Since yoga is about relaxation and stretching, I am always surprised how physically demanding it is. It requires a lot of strength to hold some of those positions. The stretching some people can do simply amazes me. But I am sure I will become more flexible as I continue taking the class each week.

I made it through the entire thing without needing to stop and rest, which is just short of a miracle, although the instructor said it was fine to do so. Afterward I had dinner and watched TV with Spouse for a while, and when I got up from the sofa to go to bed, I could already feel it in my muscles. I took 2 ibuprofen before going to bed, which I believe really helped reduce my soreness today.

Anyone else do yoga?

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Larry Ohio said...

I see the word "yoga" thrown about all the time, but I don't have the first clue what it is.

anne marie in philly said...

I don't do yoga, but I WOULD like to "do" the crush!

Bob said...

My dad started yoga classes about a year ago and he loves it.

A Lewis said...

You've given me a painful reminder to get my sorry little white ass back to yoga and the gym.

cosign said...

I saw writing, the word, "YOGA", and then scrolled down to Mr. Fusco, which made me lose all interest in reading your entry. Sorry.

Unknown said...

I've never tried yoga but I do always hear that it is a very intense workout. Maybe one day I will try it.

Kyle Leach said...

Mark, I'm glad they finally found an instructor for you. I've been practicing yoga for about eighteen years now. It is one of the best ways to stay focused and toned, for workouts. Just take it slow, it is physically demanding, but you will build the strength to hold positions longer and be attempt more complex positions as you go along and practice for a longer period of time.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I used to do hot yoga (101 degree room!) but my instructor lost her lease.

She is in the process of renovating a cottage into a "yoga retreat" right here in my neighborhood, so I will be back in the yoga groove working on my karma by December at the latest!