Sunday, October 25, 2009

Addition update - week 19

Week 19
I'm missing all the photos taken before our trip to NYC because Spouse accidentally deleted them. I tried to fill in with photos taken after we returned home.

Mon: All the nail holes in the baseboards and chair rail molding were filled, sanded, and painted with top coat of white paint.The scrap materials were sorted for storage and disposal, and the materials for closet built-ins were delivered.

Tues: The dumpster was hauled away. All the trim and doors received a final coat of white paint. The closet built-ins were started, beginning with the rod for hanging clothes, then the shelf towers were constructed.
Wed: The other shelf tower was installed, as well as the shelf on the right wall below.
Hooks for belts.The register covers were installed throughout the bathroom and closet/dressing room.Two towel rings were installed, one at either end of the vanity, for hand towels.The double towel bar for bath towels was re-installed. It was re-used from the previous bathroom.
Thurs: The stained beadboard panels were attached to the tub apron. (They can be removed to access the tub mechanicals.)
The clear glass shower door was installed.The closet built-ins were completed. There is a shelf tower on either end for jeans, shorts, sweaters, and any other folded items, and spanning the full length of the long wall is a rod for hanging clothes since we hang t-shirts as well as polo-style and button-ups, a shelf above the hanging rod for addition folded items, and a shelf below the hanging rod for shoes.
Fri: A section of railing was re-installed to complete the front porch. The light fixture was installed in the bathroom (in front of the shower and closet doors).
The door knobs and striker plates were installed.The toilet paper holder was re-installed. It was re-used from the previous bathroom.Glass mosaic tile was applied between the mirror and the backsplash. This brings the mosaic tile from the shower and tub to the vanity, uniting these three elements.

Crush du Jour: Russell Martin


A Lewis said...

So, yeah, let me just ask.... how exactly happy were you with Spouse on the deletion of those pictures?

Java said...

The addition is looking great! I like how the tiles beneath the mirror tie everything together. The lighting in the shower is well done, too. Just beautiful!

behrmark said...

The whole addition looks beautiful and I'm sure you're very happy with it. Since you have a new crush du jour (Russell Martin being the ONLY reason to watch the Dodgers), does this mean I can keep baby sitting Robert Gonzalez? Or must I return him? Behr Hugs!

cb said...

Oooo it looks so good! Very Luxe! I bet you can't wait for your first crap in the new facilities now!!

mistress maddie said...

It looks almost ready to inhabit! Looks great! And I love the light fixture, very handsome. I'm so sorry to have missed you guys in New York has I had other things to tend to with work. How was the Cloisters? We were their with David in the spring. It's very beautiful isn't? The views. Ahhhhh!

Will said...

Does Russel come with the renovation? Is he now a permanent fixture like the jacuzzi? :-)

Kyle said...

Mark, the clothes closet looks gorgeous!

Let me tell you, the added space and having everything together is going to be heaven. We built a 19" walk in closet in the new master bedroom portion of the addition and it is one of our favorite things in the addition.


Will said...

Kyle--19"(inch) or 19'(foot)? I think a 19" closet would get filled up pretty fast! :-)

Joy said...

My favorite part - the decorating! Can't wait to see more!

Steven said...

It's looking great as the project looks like it is nearing completion. Remember that the toilet roll goes "up and over." ;-) Thank you for the idea of the double bath towel rods. Don't know if I've seen them before, but I could use them.

Will said...

Fritz and I have the same double towel rods, just in brushed nickel finish. They're great. We've got a sauna and a large shower "room" that holds six comfortably. On sauna nights when we've got a lot of wet guys in the house, the racks hold a lot of towels.