Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

Pouncer is continuing to respond well to the antibiotic injection he received last week. His eating and activity level are back to normal and his wheezing is almost gone.

The Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival is just a month away, and the catalog of films arrived last weekend. Film titles and descriptions are also available online. I can hardly wait! If you'd like to read my synopsis of past RBIFF screenings, click the "RB Indie Film Festival" tag on the lower left side of this screen, then add a few to your Netflix queue.

I think this video is great! Oddly, it makes me laugh and feel aroused at the same time.

Our longtime friends from VA Ron & James and Mike & Clark arrive this evening for their annual weekend with us. We scheduled this weekend months ago when we thought our addition would be complete and our house would be all put back together. We provided them with 'fair disclosure' and they decided to come anyway. Although the forecast is for chilly, rainy, windy weather, it should be a wonderful weekend of talking, laughing, and catching up. The Autumn Jazz Festival is also going on this weekend, and we are planning to catch a Sunday Jazz Brunch.

My friend Dick sent me
this article which I found very interesting. The judge keeps asking the defenders of the gay marriage ban to "explain how allowing gay couples to wed threatens conventional unions". This makes so much sense! I applaud this judge and hope others will follow this lead in these cases.

What is it with stores and people rushing the holidays? Large department stores take down the Christmas decorations and then dress the mannequins in swimsuits. Try to find a bathing suit on 4th of July and you'll find racks and racks of winter coats instead. And what about people who send around Christmas emails when Halloween hasn't arrived yet? Seriously, what's up with that? Can we please not rush the holidays?

Thurs evening we met Steven & Thad and The Bobs for group trivia. I was both optimistic and leary since we came in 1st place 2 weeks in a row. Could we do it again? Well, we did!! 1st place ($25. off our food/beverage tab) for the 3rd week in a row!!

Then I came across this video and can't get it outta my mind! Its been making the rounds on Facebook and I think I've watched it about 687 times. I love the lead guy.

Have a terrific weekend!

Crush du Jour: Alex Castro


Michael Rivers said...

I've never figured out how gay marriage is going to bring down civilization as we know it either. It's perplexing!

People are sending Christmas emails already!? That is scary!

Anonymous said...

I note that the anti-gay folks are now switching from this argument to one that focuses on the effects on children. They'll use discredited and outdated studies to try and prove their point that the optimal configuration for a child is a father and mother.

Meanwhile the sociologists and psychologists are marching in the other direction. All it takes is consistency and love. Really, that's it. Doesn't matter if the sex of the parents is hetero or homo.

Most of the arguments are based in religious dogma too. And that is easy to ridicule.

Larry Ohio said...

I loved the vids!

behrmark said...

I kept waiting for brettcajun to take off his shirt. He's woofy.

And the Say A Little Prayer vid is hysterical. I'd do all three of them but would start and end with the one in the black shirt. GRRR!

Steve said...

No trivia mention ? WTH ? As captain of the team I am CRUSHED It couldn't even make a friday fragment !

cb said...

I'm glad Pouncer is doing much better!!

anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ for pouncer!

I absolutely DESPISE the winter holiday season!