Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vintage photos

These captions may seem a bit schmaltzy, but I love old/vintage photos, and these are some great ones. Click to enlarge each one. Enjoy!

Crush du Jour: Danny Boome


Stephen said...

Maybe I need to do something with my vintage photo collection...
Love that Danny Boone. We are seeing the Newlyweds next weekend.

Michael Rivers said...

These are great! I love quotes that inspire and make you smile!

Beth said...

Oh Mark, Iloved all of these....thanks Hon!


wcs said...

I'm confused, is it laughter or a hug that's the shortest distance between friends? I suppose that sentiment is much less precise than mathematics.

I saw a couple of Danny Boome's cooking shows here in France. He's a cutie!

Brent said...

Have you ever seen the Mik Wright line of cards that use older photos with snarky captions?

Check out this photo:

Which has this caption:
i was just three when i met my uncle roy's roommate william. dad still calls him "$3 bill."

When I first encountered that one in the mid 90's, I think I sent it to over 20 people.