Saturday, October 17, 2009

Addition update - week 18

Week 18
There was a flurry of activity and progress this week! An end is in sight! As always, click the photos to enlarge them.

Mon: The 16"x16" ceramic floor tile was set. It is a light sand color, similar to travertine, but a fraction of the cost of travertine.
The attic access was cut into the ceiling of the dressing room and framed.
Tues: The floor tile was grouted and the chair rail molding installed.
Lots and lots of chair rail molding.
The radiant heat "warm wire" was fished through the wall.
The sills around the tub were set.
Wed: The blue underlyment was cut and laid in the closet/dressing room in preparation for the installation of the laminate flooring.
Some of the porch columns that were carefully removed from the wrap-around porch were re-installed to create a more formal entry from the new driveway to the porch and front door.
The radiant heated floor thermostat/control unit was installed and tested. Mmm, toasty toes! The extra cost of this feature was definitely worth it!
The tile was set on the shelf behind the tub.
The light switch plates were installed.
The white electric sockets were switched out with brown ones to blend in better with the color of the wainscoting, and face plates were installed.
Thurs: The laminate floor was installed in the closet/dressing room.
A relocated exterior light was wired, and the foyer ceiling light fixture was re-installed.
The tile on the shelf behind the tub was grouted.
The vanity was re-installed and the sinks were reconnected. The beadboard and chair rail molding on the window wall near the vanity was completed.
Fri: The baseboards were installed in the main bathroom, closet/dressing room, and toilet room.

The shower fixtures were installed.
The shower room tile was grouted. (That's the white haze seen over the tile. It had not been wiped off yet.)
The tub fixtures were installed.
The toilet was re-installed.
The crew seems to think they will be finished next week! I hope they're right. There appears to be some nail-hole filling and top coat painting needed, the installation of the beadboard panels around the tub apron, and the removal of the original driveway and the pouring of the new driveway. I can't believe its almost done!
Crush du Jour: Thomas Jane


Stephen said...

I hate to tell you this but the Crush is yummy actor Thomas Jane. That pic was on my fridge for years, until it tuned yellow. I have posted it once also.

You are gonna love that radiant heated floor this winter!

hugs from Portland...

Larry Ohio said...

Well whoever the Crush is, I'm in love. I sure fall in love a lot.

My new apartment looks great. Watching you build it for the last 18 weeks has been fascinating. Shall I get the moving van scheduled?

Java said...

It's nice to see the glass block uncovered now. That's a big sign to me that the end is near. I love the tile. All the tile, in the shower and around/behind the tub. Actually, and I've mentioned this before, I love the whole thing. Congrats on being so close to finished!

Kyle said...

Mark, it is all finally coming together. Glad you can finally see the end and will be able to enjoy the finished product soon. There is nothing better than when the work is done and you have your house back. We can attest to that.

A Lewis said...

Careful where you put that warm wire. Could be dangerous! Looks SO great!

Howard said...

Looks so different than when you started. Lots-o-props for putting up with all the dirt and debris. I would be moving to a hotel!

And Thomas Jane is scorching hot. Damn, he makes me sweat.

Will said...

Stephen's right--we have radiant in the floor, too--it is totally comfortable and helps eliminate drafts.

CJ/Rick said...

Man everything is looking so good. I know you're excited. Moreover you apparently haven't been obsessed. You managed to travel etc. during this process so that's good. You'll be glad you used the 16" tiles. I know I was in my kitchen and dining area but I done it myself so that might be one reason-less cuts.;)
Looking good!

CAMERA obsessed MICHAEL said...

your new place looks great!!!

tornwordo said...

Toasty toes make me jealous. Looks great!

cb said...

DAMN, that's some fancy bathroom and stuff!! You should feature it on HGTV!

Sam said...

That is a dream bathroom.

Steven said...

There definitely was quite a bit of progress this past week! The color coordination really works well in the bathroom and the white chair rail molding provide great contrast.

It was quite pleasing to my eyes to see that the contractors lined up the screws on the switch plate all in the same direction (up and down)...or did you do that? ;-)

When's the Open House party?

J@v@JuNKo said...

wow i'm so jealous! your house is looking amazing!! and the Crush du Jour is the icing on top of this post!