Thursday, October 22, 2009

Off to NYC

Today we are leaving for a 4-day weekend in NYC.

As we've done before, we will drive to Cherry Hill NJ where we will board the BoltBus. Its cheap and comfortable, and will drop us off right by Penn Station. If interested in photos or our agenda from past NYC trips, click here and here (May 2009) and here (Oct 2008).

We will be staying in the home of our fab friend Lisa again, in Sunnyside Queens. Its so convenient, only 25 minutes from Penn Station to her doorstep. We're looking forward to having dinner with Lisa and her friend Howard on Thurs evening. She has talked about Howard several times and he seems like our kind of guy.

We are planning to tour the Cloisters on Fri during the day, meet up with an old high school friend of mine for drinks/dinner in the evening, then join the other Dust Bunnies later that night.
Sat we will do some sightseeing, including Pearl River Mart and Chinatown during the day, then meet up with the Dust Bunnies again for more cocktails and hijinx. If you are reading this and will be in NYC this Sat night, consider joining us!

Sun we'll have a good, hearty breakfast at Pete's Grill before catching the bus home.

Spouse doesn't like me to over-schedule our trips so we feel free to do what we want, as opposed to feeling like we have to do what's on the schedule. We travel well together so I'm sure we will have a great time.

Crush du Jour: Andre Coelho


Paul Benjamin said...

Have fun! I'm a little jealous. I try to get to NYC every chance I can get.

And I agree with the spouse, overbooking your trips is too much to worry about. Just go with the flow. Have a great time, and tell us all about it! :)

Larry Ohio said...

Have fun in NYC!

behrmark said...

Enjoy yourselves (but be safe!).
Behr Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time!! I want to go to the next one!!

Unknown said...

Look forward to seeing you in NYC!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Gurl, that's already way more schedule than I have!!! I have 2 agenda items:
1. The Urges
2. Esquelita

All the rest is nap time!

PS- my word verification is "psing"....
just so you all know, Miss G is not into WS!

wcs said...

Have a blast!

Rick said...

That sounds like a great weekend trip. You do need a housekeeper with all the traveling you do. Send him my way for a trial run and I'll let you know how he does. If he looks like Mr. Coelho thats even better!