Monday, October 05, 2009

Weekend highlights

We had an absolutely superb weekend!

My friend Lisa arrived Thurs early afternoon. I showed her around town a little bit, gave her a map, and let her wander and explore while I worked. When she returned we had a nice (late) lunch and then visited for a while on the screened porch. Lisa is a big fan of porches and rocking chairs, so we had her covered! Spouse came home and joined our chatfest for awhile, and then we met up with Steven & Thad and The Bobs for dinner, followed by a game of group trivia. Our team won 1st place, and we received $25. off our bar tab!!

Fri morning Lisa wandered and explored some more while I worked. Then we met up for lunch with her longtime friends Chuck & David who coincidentally were in town this weekend. They were very nice and we had a lovely, long lunch. I returned to work and Lisa read and napped. Later Spouse came home, the 3 of us spent time on the porch, and then went to dinner at Dos Locos. We each had pumpkin margaritas which were DEE-LISH!! Once back home we watched a little TV before going to bed.

Sat morning Spouse went to his personal training appointment while Lisa and I enjoyed talking and laughing over coffee and a bagel on the porch. Once Spouse returned, the 3 of us walked to a rummage sale at a local church, where I bought a small piece of art for a quarter. Then we walked over to the historical complex for an arts and crafts show where we were tempted by lots of beautiful things. Then we had lunch at Arena's restaurant followed by a trip to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for our dinner.

As Spouse cooked, Lisa and I nearly collapsed from laughter as we listened to an old cassette tape of us, made in 1977. That's right, 32 years ago, when we were 13 years old. One day Lisa and I met up with our friends Terri, Krista, Brian, Gary, and Wayne in the music room after school. I brought my tape recorder and recorded our "jam session". We attempted to play and sing and handful of the worst songs of the 70s (complete with lots of John Denver), although none of us appeared to know all the words to any single song. It was absolutely HYSTERICAL to listen to this many years later. Every once in a while Spouse would look at us as if to say "You two must have been insane!" It sure was a good laugh!!!

A little while later another friend from school arrived at our house just in time for cocktails on the porch. Bill went to high school with Lisa and me, and was also in Dominants! with me during my senior year. For dinner Spouse made rigatoni with sausage, homemade meatballs and homemade sauce. I used tomatoes from my neighbor's garden to make caprese salad, and we had garlic bread too. We had a wonderful meal, then sat on the porch and talked, laughed, and reminisced. Around 11:30 we decided we had better move indoors so that our laughter didn't disturb the neighbors. We finally went to bed at 2:45 am!

Sun morning the 4 of us had coffee on the porch, then walked to a local diner for breakfast, followed by a walk through town. Then we drove to the glass studio where we spoke with the couple making our stained glass window inserts. Lisa and Bill also looked through their items for sale and asked some general questions. The proprietors encouraged Lisa and Bill to take a day-long stained glass course with me. Then we returned to the porch and talked and laughed some more. Bill brought out his guitar and played and sang a little until it was time for them to pack up their things and head out.

After they'd left, Spouse & I went to Lowes and Home Depot to look at light fixtures. All of the lighting in the garage, bathroom, and closet/dressing room is recessed except 1. I wanted to have 1 decorative fixture that will be seen when you turn the corner and walk into the new section of the bathroom. Unfortunately we did not find anything we both felt was 'just right', so I am going to look online. I hate it when I get a picture of something in my head and know that it will be perfect but then can't find it anywhere. When we returned home Spouse took a nap and I plowed through 3 days of unread emails, Facebook posts, and then posted my addition photos from last week.

Then we went to Steven & Thad's for dinner. We had chili and salad (both delicious) followed by chocolate cake and ice cream we'd brought. We had a really nice time and I was surprised how quickly the time went by. We returned home, watched a little TV and went to bed.

It was a weekend full of good (old) friends, good food, good laughs, good porch-sitting, good cocktails, good weather, and good times.

Crush du Jour: Fernando Macia


cb said...

You always have the most fantastic weekends.

A Lewis said...

Porches and rocking chairs = BLISS.

anne marie in philly said...

what a nice weekend for porch sitting and remembering!

Jeff said...

Sounds like a very nice time indeed and lots of good food!