Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday fragments

I could swear that on last night's American Idol results show, the contestants were lip-syncing during the Motown medley. Did anyone else notice this? Then I saw this.

For the last few weeks I have been having extremely vivid and vibrant dreams. One had me & Spouse experiencing the detonation of a nuclear bomb in the US. Another had me (without Spouse) in a 3-way with a beefy, hairy-chested porn star with body image issues. (I know-WTF, right?) See how fun it is to be me? I seem to wake up after each dream, just long enough to tell myself I need to remember it for later, then fall back asleep. Not sure if there's any connection, but these vivid and vibrant dreams seem to have begun around the time Spouse & I began working out at the gym.

As I've posted before, I'm trying to live up to the motto "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle".
We recycle a lot, but I've been looking for ways to 'reduce'. Recently I've tried not automatically turning on a light when I walk into a room. For me its been more about habit than need. As I'd walk into a room I'd flip on the switch whether I needed to or not. But with my new awareness of this, I've found I can easily stop turning on the light switch unnecessarily. For instance, all of our bathrooms have windows in them, so during the day there is no 'need' to turn on the light. There is sufficient light from the window to take care of business. So I challenge you to look for ways to reduce your energy usage, too. Try NOT turning on the light.

A while back I went to a free 'introduction to yoga' class. It was nice, but included a whole lot more talking (history, different theories, etc.) about yoga and not enough doing. Then Spouse & I joined the local gym and I discovered the gym offered 2 different yoga classes. On Tues evening I tried 'Yoga Fit', the one better suited for beginners, and really enjoyed it! There were only about 6 others in the class and several were new to it like me. I had no advance knowledge of any of the poses, but it didn't take too long to pick them up by watching and listening to the instructor. I plan to do it every week. Anybody else besides Lewis doing yoga?

This week NH voted for marriage equality, as did VT. However, the Governor can nullify the legislation by vetoing the bill. The Governor of VT has already stated he will veto the bill in his state because it is his 'belief that marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman'. Apparently his personal beliefs are more important than the beliefs of the majority of the VT Senate. Hmmm, so much for "government of the people, for the people". More details can be found on Bob's blog.

A few weeks back Spouse & I discussed the purchase of a new rug for our foyer. The one that is currently there was purchased 2 houses (approximately 10 years) ago for under $200. and is looking a bit 'long in the tooth'. We've cleaned it several times but it just looks dingy. We agreed that we'd gotten our money's worth out of it. Well, my husband loves him some home shopping channels, so last Sat he told me that one of them was going to have an area rug clearance on Sun evening. So we watched it together and decided to order a very nice looking 100% wool area rug, clearance priced at $150. with free shipping. We were told it should arrive by April 5th. It arrived on Wed!
I couldn't believe how quickly it got here. We unrolled it last night and are very happy with it. Spouse really enjoyed the fact that we watched the presentation together, selected something, and that we are quite happy with the product. He feels this is a validation of his love for home shopping channels.

Earlier this week I got a call from the body shop, letting me know that Big Ella's paint job was complete! Naturally I was eager to see my big girl in her new dress right away, but since the body shop is an hour away and only open until 5pm M-F, we weren't able to pick up Big Ella without both of us taking off work. So, tomorrow (Sat) morning we are headed to the body shop! Photos to follow.

Again this week I showed no weight loss for all my efforts. Steven offered an interesting reason for this. He suggested that I am converting fat to muscle due to all the extra gym visits, and since muscle weighs more than fat, it appears I'm not loosing weight even though I'm loosing fat. Well, that was good enough for me! Seriously though, it makes sense, and it keeps me from loosing hope.

Have a fab weekend, everyone!
Crush du Jour: Javier Beltran


Bob said...

I didn't see the AI results show, but I'd heard about it, and that it wasn't the first time.

I agree about the dreams. I love a good vivd dream like I love a good book, but then I always wonder WTF?

The rug is beautiful. We should check out the shopping channels because it sounds like a bargain.

Have a great weekend and a good Big Ella ride!

Kevin said...

I saw and yes they were lipsyncing. One of the producers of the show admitted that during the group numbers, they sometimes "sing along to pre-recorded tracks."

As for reducing, I'm currently trying to break the habit of leaving the water running while shaving or brushing my teeth.

I fill the sink or a glass and go from there. I don't always remember, though.

cb said...

I wish working out gave ME dreams of porn star three ways.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a good rug!

That said, since I don't have cable television, or a TV that does digital most of my deals come from the web.

Little reduction ideas like changing out all incandescent bulbs to CFL's (soft white!), washing almost everything in cold water, not running the water while brushing teeth, etc.

The vivid dreams, they're probably a result of the endorphins released through exercise. Enjoy them!

Can't wait to see pix of Big Ella now that she's all done up.

Steven said...

You could always say that you have been meeting your "reduce" goal by the weight that you have lost. ;-)

Love the rug and the hardwood flooring. Time for a 360-degree tour of the house!

Have a fantabulous weekend!

Mistress Maddie said...

Have a good weekend. Your dreams sound alot like mind. I always have vivid dreams. And if it is a sex dream I either hump the Boy Toy in the middle of the night, which could go a couple different directions, or ( I used to be embrassed to admit this) I have a wet dream!!! Even in my mid thirties! Thats how vivid my dreams are. Hey, it keeps me young.!


Java said...

I love the rug! There is no way I'd put that rug in my house now. After all the children leave, then maybe. Enjoy your new rug, and enjoy the fact that you can have a light colored rug in your home without fear of it being ruined.

I'm looking forward to pictures of Big Ella.

Joy said...

I need to do better with recycling but am doing pretty well with reducing. Thanks for the reminder.

I like your new rug. That's so funny about validating his love for home shopping.

That makes sense about muscle and fat. I'm looking forward to that happening for me again.

Can't wait to see Big Ella's new look!

the hobbit said...

Honey, I'll be wanting to re-use one of those dreams, if you don't mind.

CJ said...

Beautiful rug. Enjoy! Can't wait to see Big Ella.

tornwordo said...

I can't remember if you were getting her painted the same color or not. Looking forward to pics.