Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Work has been very busy and stressful lately.
I've been working through my lunch hour, only taking 15 or 20 minutes to run downstairs and eat a sandwich before returning to my desk.

Part of it has to do with personnel changes within the company. Part of it has to do with my new boss' brilliant ideas (insert heavy sarcasm), all of which add more work to me.

Then there's the challenge of working in a field that requires lots and lots of client interaction. Service questions, billing inquiries, complaints, changes, updates, now, yesterday, faster.

Oddly enough this is the time of year when my clients' work tends to slow down, but there seems to be little if any sign that they are slowing down for the summer.

Another challenge I face is working with clients in Europe and Asia and the time difference between us. One of my clients is in Hong Kong which is 12 hours ahead of me. When they arrive at work at 8:30 in the morning their time, its 8:30 at night of the previous day for me. Therefore all of our communication takes place via email, one day at a time.

And to top it all off, we are about to migrate to a new version of the product we provide to our clients and I have been in countless training sessions and meetings to learn all of the nuances. Next will come the undertaking of helping my clients come up to speed on it.

Lately I've had more and more fantasies about resigning and working for myself. Its quite tempting after the last few weeks I've had. But nobody likes to hear people complain about work
so I'll shut up. I should be glad to have a job, right?

Crush du Jour: Heath Pearce


Cubby said...

By posting a pic of a grenade you may have violated the Patriot Act. Please report to Gitmo for processing.

anne marie in philly said...

thanks for da funnehs!

Maurice said...

Mark, the extent to which your current work situation seems like a carbon copy of my own absolutely floors me. The funnies are funny but, sadly, a few are totally bang on ...and that frightens me.