Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

Yesterday's condo settlement and meet-ups went according to plan and turned out to be a long day. Up at 6:30 AM, on the road by 7:30 AM, back home at 10:30 PM. I had absolutely no trouble falling asleep last night.
Have you ever noticed how "compelling" always precedes "documentary"? I guess that means there aren't any "romantic", "hilarious", or "fun" documentaries - just "compelling" ones.

My friend Jared strikes again with this one:

Have you ever noticed how the ice maker seems to go on vacation when you're having a party, but when there's no one home but you the ice practically overflows the container? Why is that?

I found this story to be very interesting. John Edward is a well-respected medium and I totally believe that Farrah Fawcett 'came through' to her former neighbor Tori Spelling in order to get a message across. I would love to have a reading with John Edward and see if anyone 'came through'.

I discovered from a friend who went to the same detail shop that the detail shop has closed. The guys were so nice, did a great job, and were very conveniently located so I am really bummed. Washing and waxing Big Ella is too big a job for me and the local car wash won't let me run her through the automatic car wash, so the detail shop was a great find. Looks like I'll have to look for some place new.

We had some unseasonably hot weather here this week. Typical June weather is temperatures in the low to mid 80s, but it has been in the mid 90s this week. After a long dry spell we finally got some rain in the form of 2 thunderstorms with lightening and torrential downpours at night. I hope this is not a sign that July and Aug are going to be even hotter.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Crush du Jour: Dirk Jager


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new condo purchase.

That said they were warning us that chickens might fall from the sky yesterday including thunder, lightning and hail.

That usually indicates strong cyclonic aka tornado weather.

Hot, muggy, and sunny all day.

Go figure.

anne marie in philly said...

obama doll - BWHAHAHAHAHA!

big ella - suh-WEET ride!

the crush needs to pull his jeans down just a little bit more...ahhhhh!

have a great weekend, mark!

cb said...

Barak does nothing for me sexually... but Dirk?

Yeah, dirk needs to fuck me in half. Now.