Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flip flops

My world of summertime footwear has just opened up. I taught myself to wear flip flops.

Yes, I say 'taught' myself to wear flip flops because I haven't been able to wear them in the past. I just couldn't be comfortable with that piece between my toes. It hurt!

But all the cool kids wear flip flops, leaving me feeling slightly less than cool.
Don't you think guys in flip flops are sexy?
I know I do!

So, for years I have worn sandals, like this pair of Sketchers I've had for years:
They're super comfy but I try not to get them wet since they're made with a leather-like top. I wear them when I know I'm going to be doing a good bit of walking.

And I've also worn slides, like these that disappeared at the beach one day.
Then a year or 2 ago I also found a pair of (imitation) Crocs to be oh-so-comfortable and versatile.
They're great for the beach because they can be wet or dry, and they don't throw sand up the back of your legs like flip flops do. And before you go hatin' on Crocs because their 'ugly', take a look at this sexy guy in Crocs:
I'm just sayin'.

But a few weeks ago Old Navy was having a big sale. Their solid color flip flops (normally $3.50) were just $1.00. I figured I'd give them a try, since they were only a buck, so I got a pair in red.

The 1st few times I wore them the piece between my toes was hurting that sensitive area. But I found that wearing them around the house (as opposed to going on a long walk) helped me get used to them. Now I can wear them all day long with no discomfort.
I'm SO GLAD I taught myself to wear flip flops! Not only can I flip with the cool kids and sexy guys now, but my world of summer footwear has opened up dramatically.

Crush du Jour: Jordi Molla


John Gray said...

I once fell out of a pair of flip flops when standing on my back step in the rain

flip flops shot off

i fell on my arse

ok not a funny story but a true one

anne marie in philly said...

girl, flip flops are sooooo bad for your feet and posture and back! you are better off with da crocs.

not hatin, just sayin.

I wear a special clog that nurses/doctors use; best decision I ever made for being on my feet constantly!

da crush has a nice face, but is he furry? can't tell with him all buttoned up like that...

tornwordo said...

They are NOT sexy. Gross hairy toe displays. They're fine at the beach or the pool, just like a bathing suit. However, at other venues I will never be on board with this fashion abomination!

Cubby said...

Now they'll let you in the White House.

cb said...

Jesus take the WHEEL! You wore CROCS?? But your gay!

Finally you have graduated to flipflop wearing! Phew!!!