Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trans news

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for transgender folks. As they would explain, their bodies do not match the gender of their minds and hearts. Just imagine for a moment how it might feel if everything about you inside indicated you were male, yet your body was clearly female.

Some embark on the long road of transitioning their bodies from one gender to another, which can last years. Most start with 'top' surgery to either acquire or remove breasts. Some also have 'bottom' surgery to reinvent their genitalia, although this is far less common than top surgery due to the complexity and cost. Some also have other cosmetic surgeries to alter their appearance. All trans people must take testosterone or female hormones to begin the transition. Psychological counseling is also required for those who desire and can afford 'bottom' surgery.

I found it interesting when this story appeared in my local paper. Apparently some male-to-female (MTF) transgender folks were topless on the beach, despite having female breasts. Fortunately they complied with requests to cover up, in accordance with local decency laws. It appears the local police treated the trans folks fairly and sensitively.

Then today a friend sent me this story about how the US government is making it easier for transitioning people to change the gender on their passports. It seems that 'top' or 'bottom' surgery used to be a requirement , but now it is not, providing they have a letter from a physician.

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Anonymous said...

It is a very tough road to be transgender. Overall do you know that transgenders make less money than others?

I find that very odd. But I want equality for us all.

No I'm not transgender but to use the old cliche, some of my friends are transgender.

Jim said...

No I can't imagine the 'trap' they must feel they are in at first. Good for your government for loosening up some of the laws for trans people.