Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Weekend highlights

After Spouse's personal trainer appointment Sat morning, we prepared a shopping bag of canned and dry food items to donate to the Food Bank of DE and headed to the Annual Summer Bash. It was really hot outside (about 90 degrees) but fortunately there was a nice breeze, and the location was mostly shaded. We saw lots of friends, met some new folks, ate, and enjoyed the concert. Its was a really well put together event.

Later that evening we met up with Steven & Thad and one of The Bobs to see "Sex and the City 2".

My expectations weren't very high, due to the disjointed trailers I'd seen and the lukewarm critics' reviews I'd heard, but the 5 of us found the film to be thoroughly enjoyable. Whomever created the trailers should be fired. I think the critics panned the film because they think its 'cool' to hate on "Sex and the City". The scenery was beautiful, the clothes were great, and the story line was solid. We all liked it a lot. After the film we had a late dinner at Saketumi and talked about what we liked, what worked, etc in the film. I started with a Cosmo (made with Absolute Berri Acai) as a tribute to having just seen SatC2, and well, because I just love that cocktail. Without even ordering another, a 2nd Cosmo magically arrived in front of me! Gotta love the service at Saketumi. We had a great time and I got just a teensy weensy bit tipsy.

Sun morning Spouse & I met up with Steven & Thad and one of the Bobs again at the beach. It was really hot again, and the breeze was coming off the land instead of the ocean. Jack & Alisha also joined us for a while, until the wind sent us all packing. The wind off the ocean is cool and doesn't pick up sand because the sand is wet. However, the wind off the land was hot and kept gusting and blowing the dry sand all over us. We cut our beach time short in order to avoid getting an unexpected microdermabrasion at the beach! I had so much sand on me that I felt like a panko crusted tilapia. Fortunately we had a nice time before the wind gusts started.

After removing the sand from my ears, nose, hair, etc we went to Steven & Thad's for dinner. Steven grilled chicken which went nicely with the sesame noodles and salad. Afterward we drove to Dairy Queen in a nearby agricultural (read: redneck) location. I was driving and realized I'd forgotten my wallet. Spouse suggested I drive very carefully "so you don't get pulled over and carted off to jail and told 'you have a real pretty mouth'". The "Deliverance" reference made us all laugh! Once inside the DQ we noticed the specialty Blizzards being offered for the 25th anniversary of the Blizzard.
I made the mistake of thinking that all the flavors under the heading "Chocoholics" were contained in a single Blizzard, and said "Wow, they put all my favorite things into that Chocoholics Blizzard! That's what I'm getting." Thad quickly explained that each of the flavors under the heading "Chocoholics" was a separate Blizzard. The look of disappointment on my face must have said it all because Thad started laughing really hard. Then when I thought about how they could possibly get all that stuff into 1 Blizzard I began laughing too. We laughed about the 'real pretty mouth' and the Choloholic Blizzard several more times before we said goodbye.

Crush du Jour: Hen Amar


anne marie in philly said...

a panko-crusted tilapia - LOL!

make my blizzard a hawaiian and my crush a hairy one (yes please!).

Michael Rivers said...

I thought "Sex and the City 2" was much much better then the critics said. I'm not sure what movie they saw.

Maurice said...

So you had a real pretty mouth full of chocolate, huh? LOL!

tornwordo said...

I still have never seen Deliverance. Must do that. And the banana creme pie blizzard is the most awesome concoction ever!