Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend highlights

Sat morning Spouse went to his work out and I enjoyed my coffee and several back-to-back episodes of "Sell This House" before tidying up the kitchen and starting some laundry. Then we met Steven for lunch (Thad was out of town visiting his mother) and wound up talking for 2 1/2 hours! It was nice because neither he nor we were on a schedule. It was about 86 degrees so we decided to skip the beach. Instead Spouse & I went to Homo Depot to finalize our selections for the condo. We ran into Sean, a very nice (homo) guy who helped us with our tile selections when we were doing our bathroom. Sean helped us pick out the best items for the best prices and we made a list of the product numbers so we can email them to the contractor.

Later I got a text from my old friend David who was enjoying blood orange margaritas at Dos Locos, so I picked up Jason (Spouse didn't want to go) and we joined David and a few friends for drinks. It was fun! Then Jason & I went back to Jason's house and Spouse came over so we could all go to dinner at Serendipity. Afterward Spouse went home but I went to the 'Mandance' with Bryan & Jason and Vince. Steven and The Bobs were there, as were lots of other friends. I danced and talked and had a good time.

Sun it was really hot so Spouse didn't want to go to the beach again. I almost didn't go, but Steven called me and said it was nice. Although it was in the 90s in town, there was a cool breeze coming off the ocean so it was comfortable on the beach. So I joined Steven, The Bobs, and a few other friends' camp on the beach.

Later Spouse & I had dinner at Pig+Fish for Dining Out for Life at the Beach. The restaurant's name comes from the expressions "Eat like a pig" and "Drink like a fish", which I support wholeheartedly. Spouse & I started with the hummus/red pepper/feta dip which was amazing. Then I had the tabasco smoked pork tenderloin over warm scallion bacon potato salad with sage honey glaze. OMG, it was delicious! Spouse had pan crispy chicken breasts with homestyle mashed potatoes and sherry pan jus which he liked. For dessert I had a warm peanut butter brownie with vanilla ice cream and caramel and chocolate drizzled over it. Spouse had the bourbon bread & butter pudding made from brioche with maple sugar and vanilla ice cream on top. Both were incredible! Since 20% of the bill was going to an AIDS charity we kinda 'went all out' on the appetizer, entrees and desserts, which was kinda fun. It was also nice to have a dinner out just the 2 of us.

Crush du Jour: Andy Whitfield


John Gray said...

thank you for mr whitfield


Jabacue said... are making me very hungry, Mark! That meal sounds wonderful.
Tank god for the ocean breezes,eh?

Anonymous said...

stop eating