Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend highlights

After Spouse returned from his personal trainer appointment, he and I went to Home Depot and looked at backsplash tile, paint chips, and counter tops for the investment condo. Then we had lunch at La Tonalteca Mexican restaurant. Spouse stayed home while I went to the beach. I thought a couple friends were going to meet me there, but I wound up spending the afternoon by myself. But the weather was gorgeous - warm, sunny, with a constant breeze. I really enjoyed it despite being by myself. After showering we grilled hot dogs on the new grill, complimented by baked beans and potato chips for dinner. We ate on the screened porch. After dinner we took Big Ella out for a drive. It was a beautiful evening and we really enjoyed the ride. We treated ourselves to a frozen treat at Dairy Queen.

Sun Spouse & I went to the beach where we met up with Steven & Thad and The Bobs. Bryan & Jason joined us a little later. There wasn't much breeze and the flies were biting like crazy. We only stayed 3 hours. We had lunch at home, then Spouse made a blueberry cobbler. He took a nap and I watched some DVR'd shows on TV. Then we took the blueberry cobbler to a potluck at Richard & Tom's house, followed by watching the Tony Awards. We had a nice time visiting with friends and meeting new folks. The food was great and everyone had fun.

Yet another weekend flew by, leaving me feeling like I need a vacation. I'm working too hard.

Crush du Jour: Duane Roggendorff


Jabacue said...

M-M-M....blueberry cobbler! I can taste it from here. Gee, a busy weekend you had, time to go back to work for a rest? Maybe?

Anonymous said...

stop eating.