Monday, May 18, 2009

Wonderful weekend highlights

Friday night 'date'
Fri evening Spouse & I went to a screening of the GLBT indy film "Watercolors", which we liked a lot. Synopsis: Circumstances cause the unlikely pairing of a gifted art student with the star of the swim team. Both deal with their blossoming friendship/romance differently, causing tension and hurt feelings. I recommend you add it to your Netflix queue. Afterward we had a late snack at a cozy Italian place we'd never tried before. It felt like a date, with the movie/dinner combo and the cozy atmosphere. It was a lovely night.

Spouse & I ran a few errands which included using a $3. off coupon to get our convertible vacuumed and washed. Its amazing how doing so can make your car look newer. Then we looked at tile for the new bathroom at Home Depot, Lowes, and Tile Market. Bad news: we can't get more of the existing tile in the original bathroom. Good news: we found gorgeous tile we both like a lot that is under our tile budget.

Saturday night
I made Paula Deen's corn casserole for the potluck dinner we went to Sat evening at Deb & Greer's. It is always a crowd pleaser, and this was no exception. (Do yourself a favor and double the recipe when you make it.) Everyone brought delicious dishes, and we had a great time visiting with friends and meeting new ones. It was a gorgeous evening so we spent some of it on their deck until the bugs drove us inside.

After the potluck we stopped in at our neighbors Michael & George's party. They were celebrating their 16th anniversary and Michael's 44th birthday. We didn't know anyone except Michael & George, but everyone was friendly and we had a great time talking and getting to know their friends. Many are artists and I got into a fun conversation with a woman named Mary about the shapes typically found in 1950s decor.

We slept in until 10:00, thanks to the relaxing sound of rain. It surprised me that I didn't even mind that it was raining. We had a very lazy, relaxing Sun which included drinking coffee, watching TV, talking, and spending time on the computer. It felt great to allow ourselves this day where nothing 'had' to be done. We didn't shower until 5:00.

Sunday evening
Shortly after 6:00 we went to our friend/realtor's house for Thai food. Lee Ann hosts foreign exchange students every year and hosts a party with food from their country. Fortunately for us, this year her students were from Thailand and we were invited to the party. Lee Ann, her daughter, and the 2 students cooked for days and treated us to a terrific Thai feast. Also at the party were several folks we knew casually, and many we'd never met before.

After the party it was still light and Spouse didn't want to go home just yet so drove over to the ocean for a short bit, then stopped for dessert on the way home. I tried to catch up on my blog reading a bit while we watched TV, and then we went to bed.

As I read over this it occurred to me that we had free food and booze on Fri night, twice on Sat night, and again on Sun evening! That's hard to beat!

Crush du Jour: Chris Pine


Bob said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend.
And thanks for posting a picture of my new boyfriend.
Chris Makes-Me-Pine.

I know.

Joy said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful! That corn casserole does sound good. I'll make it.

Jeff said...

On your recommendation, I shall add Watercolors to our list! And I second Bob's sentiments, Chris Pine is dreamy! We hope to see Star Trek in the next day or two.