Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday fragments

Swine flu
In an attempt to keep the hysteria down to a minimum, I'd like to remind everyone that more people die from the regular flu than from swine flu. The most helpful thing you can do to protect yourself is to wash your hands frequently, especially when in public. Don't give into the fear mongering; just be informed.

Keith Olbermann on Virginia Foxx
How much do I love Keith Olbermann?? First he did that fantastic 6 1/2 minute piece on marriage equality last Nov. Now Keith has done another terrific piece where he calls Congresswoman Virginia Foxx "callous, insensitive, criminally misinformed", and "not worthy to represent this country nor any of its parties nor peoples" due to her insensitive and inaccurate statements about Matthew Shepard's death. Oh yeah, he went there! Watch this short video here. Thanks to Powell at Amen Praise Jesus for sharing this.

Street status
I've spared you all much of my frustration over the stalled street reconstruction project. Its now been a month since the pipe burying was completed, and absolutely nothing else has been done. For an entire month. When the wind blows hard, as it often does here at the beach, it blows dirt and sand everywhere. When it rains the street turns into a swamp. However, our neighbor got word from the city manager last Fri that the entire project (which includes our street) is scheduled to be completed by Fri of next week, which won't be a moment too soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Camel toe
I can always count on Kevin at The Lisp for something to make me laugh. This week he shared this hilarious camel toe video which had me snorting with laughter. Go ahead, TRY not to laugh!

National Equality Rally
A National Equality Rally will be held this Sun in Philly.What's it all about? It's one way to send a powerful message to Congress and our new president to stand by their commitment to our civil rights. Why rally?
  • For the repeal of DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell) and DOMA (Defense of Marrage Act)
  • For the passage of trans-inclusive hate crimes protection
  • For the passage of ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act)
  • Support for GLBT health issues
  • For equality benefits for same-sex families
  • For same-sex marriage equality

For more info go to their website. Feel free to share this, and attend if you can!

Logic and Equality
Whether or not you like Howard Stern, you have to respect and appreciate people who use logic to form their opinions, right? Thanks to Mikey at
The Gospel According to Mikey for sharing this video of Howard Stern's radio discussion of marriage and legal equality for gays. Right on, Howard!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Crush du Jour: Cadi Cunha


RAD said...

I am tired of everyone going ape shit about the swine...indeed relax and stay infomred folks!!

Nice crush...

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Google/Blogger fixed the comment size issue. I do wish they'd make our preferred login method sticky though. Oh well, can't have everything.

Regarding Camel Toe, that's Bob & Tom, they're radio hosts in Indianapolis. Their other famous hits include Randy Carrington doing "Dear Penis", then another is "Prison Bitch" and my favorite "Man, I'm Glad I'm a Man"

Anonymous said...

thanks for the shoutout :)

mistress maddie said...

Some very nice recaps for the week. I was wondering about the street project and how it was coming. So, I guess no shirtless workers have stop by yet for a refreshing beverge yet? And the crush Cadi- is so hot. I would have those trunks down quick!

Joy said...

Keith tells it like it is for sure!

I was also wondering about the work and hoped it was finished. Please let them be telling the truth!

Jeff said...

Good luck with the street repairs! I can imagine you are tired of the dust and mud! Sexy crush, too! Have a great weekend! :)