Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An important day

Today is an important day for three reasons:

1. According to the engineering firm hired by the city, our street is scheduled to be paved today! After nearly 3 months of having no street - only dirt, sand, dust, gravel, and mud - we should get our street back today. However, it rained last night and this morning, and so far there are no paving vehicles or people on site.

2. The CA Supreme Court will announce its decision on Prop 8 appeal today.

We'll find out if those same-sex couples in CA will have their marriages reinstated or not. I have a very bad feeling about this one. I have a feeling today will be a day of great disappointment and anger. But here's a site to give you ideas for how to react constructively.

Update: The court decided to uphold Prop 8.

3. Today is mine & Spouse's 13th anniversary.

Crush du Jour: Jae Garcia


Bob said...

Happy Street Paving We Hope Day.
Happy Marriage Equality We Hope Day.
And Happy Anniversary!

RAD said...

Happy Street Paving Day (fingers crossed) and Happy Marriage Equality Too and Happy Anniversary!A triple Happy day indeed!

Stephen Rader said...

Lucky number 13!!! Congratulations!!! Happy Anniversary and many happy and healthy returns of the day. :)

Christopher said...

WOW..13 years...that's great my friend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! How wonderful for you.

Maybe california will grow up once Gavin Newsome is Governor.

A Lewis said...

Happy Happy! (In spite of the horrible icky people in California....). You boys are about a year and a half ahead of us. Congrats to you both.

the hobbit said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

wcs said...

Boo for California.

Yay for Anniversaries!

I posted my pink roses today. Have a look.

Stephen said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Best wishes!
The first 13 are the hard part.

Happy Street paving!

A sad day for equality, but plenty of reasons to celebrate...
toasting you in Portland Oregon.

Jeff said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Thirteen years is a great accomplishment - Here's to many more!