Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pomegranate weekend

Sat morning after breakfast the Newlyweds, Spouse & I walked into town for the arts and crafts show (again). It had a nice variety, from ceramics to jewelry, to watercolors, to stained glass, to acrylic oceanscapes, to wood carving, to hand-blown glass. The 4 of us agreed the prices were very expensive, but the quality was definitely there. (No planters made of painted popsicle sticks.) The advertisements indicated over 130 artisans, mostly locals. Speaking of locals, our neighbor George had a booth to show his watercolors which were just gorgeous. I didn't even know he painted.

After finishing our fruit-flavored shaved ices, we started to walk back home when we noticed a van with a bunch of bumper stickers on its tinted windows. As I began to read them I felt as if I'd discovered the vehicle of my kindred spirit! Fortunately Jamie had brought his camera so I asked him to take pictures of the stickers for me. (Photos may be clicked to enlarge.)

Aren't these fantastic? I'd like to have T-shirts with each of these on them so I could wear a different statement each day. Oh, I'm kind of a liberal if you hadn't noticed.

After arriving back at the house we ate lunch before going to play putt-putt golf. This is sort of a tradition when the Newlyweds visit. During a past visit I told the Newlyweds that I enjoy putt-putt but Spouse couldn't care less about it so we never went. Michael said he enjoyed putt-putt too, so we always make a point of playing while they are visiting. It was fun, but hot. For some reason, the always present breeze appeared to be 'off for the holiday'.

When we returned from putt-putt we had a light lunch, which included pomegranate/blueberry juice as yet another installment of our pomegranate weekend, and decided to go for a swim at our neighbors' Alan & George's pool. They have a sparkling blue in-ground pool in their backyard, surrounded by years and years of meticulously tended gardens. There is no grass in their entire backyard, just the pool, concrete pool deck, and thousands and thousands of gorgeous plants, flowers, and trees. When we arrived we found Bill & Dean, Tom & George (the artist), Nancy (George's mother), and Michael & Carl (Tom & George's weekend guests) already at the pool. We enjoyed a refreshing swim and jovial conversations with our friends.

After showers we enjoyed pomegranate margaritas as the final installment of our pomegranate weekend. The Newlyweds had brought the pomegranate margarita mix (they know me so well) so we enjoyed a lovely little happy hour before dinner. Even Spouse, who usually doesn't drink, had 1/2 of a pomegranate margarita, probably for the 'health benefits' of pomegranates.

After a lengthy discussion about where to eat, we walked into town and to our favorite Lewes restaurant Striper Bites. Unfortunately even at 8:00 there was a 30-40 minute wait, and the high ceilings make it rather loud, so we decided to pass on dinner there. We found Jerry's Seafood to be much more suitable for conversation and there was no wait for a table. Michael had curry chicken and corn soup and a crab cake sandwich, Jamie had beet bruschetta and a hamburger, Spouse had the same soup as Michael and a flat iron steak, and I had pan-seared scallops over creamy fettuccine with asparagus. We all enjoyed our meals.

Since the 4th of July fireworks were cancelled due to the storm, we thought they'd likely take place Sat night instead, so we walked back home and put a few beach chairs in the trunk before driving down to the beach. Sure enough we saw fireworks going off as we set up our chairs and blanket. The display was rather nice, especially considering it is not Lewes-sponsored but completely provided by volunteers at their expense.

Sun morning after breakfast the Newlyweds packed up and left shortly before 10:00. Spouse & I just relaxed and watched TV for a while, with the idea that we'd go to the beach with Rick & Nick in the afternoon, which is our typical Sun routine. But around 1:30 the sky became very cloudy, by 2:00 it was raining lightly, and by 2:30 the thunder and lightning cancelled any further thoughts of going to the beach that day.

Spouse & I just relaxed, spent time on the computer, watched TV, and rested for the remainder of our pomegranate weekend.

Crush du Jour: Carlos Ponce


Jeff said...

Sounds like a terrific weekend! And you've certainly managed to make me hungry.

I love the bumper stickers. The "End of an Error" one is my fave!

Anonymous said...

My god, were all of those on one vehicle? couldn't they afford a paint job?
Pomegrates are wonderful. I'm glad you were so blessed by them.

RAD said...

Carlos- Yum Pomeegrates- Yum
Bumper Stickers- Yikes- Wow thats alot of sitckers!!!

Java said...

How long have the Newlyweds been married? How long will you continue to call them "the Newlyweds"? What will you call them afterwards? Inquiring minds want to know.

Pomegranates sound like a good idea. Blueberries sound like a better idea, IMHO. But good for you and pomegranates.

Kevin said...

do you think the owner of that minivan supports gay marriage?

holy liberal minded messages batman!

EMikeGarcia said...

I once bought a Carlos Ponce CD in Korea because I saw his photo on the cover... I was horribly disappointed.

Pomegranate margaritas are fantastic!! Though, the last time I partook I drank so much I swore off them forever the next morning.

tornwordo said...

My favorite was the bleeding heart one. And something new I have to try. Pom-ritas.

Bugsy said...

Maybe Pomeblueberry Cosmo?